• Veal is a great, healthy meat and is easy to raise, so it should be acceptable to farm and consume.

    It should be acceptable to farm and consume veal. Veal is a tasty, healthy meat. If veal was farmed regularly, the prices would drop, and we could enjoy tasty, healthy meat. There is nothing wrong with farming an animal for consumption. We all need to eat, and meat provides great protein.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • I support the consumption of veal as long as it is healthy.

    When there is a surplus in the stock of calves rather than feed them, they should be packaged for consumption. I don't think this is a matter of ethics since we eat eggs before they can fully mature into chickens. Everything must serve its purpose and if veal consumption can help eliminate any form of hunger that is awesome.

    Posted by: MaleRufus92
  • The farming and consumption of veal is acceptable.

    It is human (animal) nature to kill for food. We were have canine teeth for a reason. The purpose is to rip apart the meat of another animals just as a tiger, hyena and alligators would. I do understand that some may have issues with veal (calf) meat because of the age of the animal. However, I personally do not have a problem with it. The strong will survive and we will do this by consuming the meat of lower species. In animal nature the carnivores do not pay attention to the age of their prey they just hunt and eat.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Is eating veal any different then eating eggs on a daily basis as long as its done humanely?

    I believe that eating and farming veal is completely acceptable as long a it is done humanely and the animals are not mistreated while they are alive. What is the difference between breeding an animal to be killed when it is young versus when it is old? It is still livestock and has been specifically bred to be consumed by humans. If an individual doesn't agree with the practice of farming and consuming veal, then they should also disagree with the practice of farming animals in general, and also plants. Plants are living organisms too and just because they don't have faces and produce cute babies doesn't make this statement any less true.

    Posted by: SydneeM
  • I think it is acceptable simply because farmers should be free to do as they please, within reason, of course.

    The United States is a free country and it would be unacceptable to tell people not to farm and eat veal. Some may feel it is wrong, but it is their personal choice and belief, not everyone's.

    Many believe we were meant to eat meat and veal is, although young, part of "the circle of life", or the food chain. It is up to the individual if it is right or wrong.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Yes, humans are at the beginning of the food chain, and although a harsh way of creating a delicacy, animals are for our consumption.

    There are many types of meats to choose from if you are a meat eater. Unless you are hunting your own game from an animal that lives in the wild, store-bought meat comes from captive animals as well, and in the end, they all die for our consumption.

    Posted by: langga
  • The farming and consumption of veal is acceptable because that is the way the food chain works

    The farming and consumption of veal is acceptable. There is no difference between raising a baby cow for slaughter and killing an adult cow for food. Yet, there is not the same amount of public outcry about beef that there is over veal. It should be a person's choice on whether or not they want to eat veal. It should not become a public debate subject to government intervention.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • The farming of veal is acceptable because it's not much different than adult cattle farming.

    The farming and consumption of veal is not morally wrong any more than the farming and consumption of any animal. Let's face it; farm animals are only loosely aware of their situation no matter what their age. To think that a young cow can't be slaughtered simply because it is young is just overly sensitive. What we should be more concerned with (as opposed to age of cattle) is how humane the actual slaughter methods are.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • The farming and consumption of veal acceptable because it's just another meat.

    The farming and consumption of veal acceptable because it's just another meat. The conditions in which they're raised are horrifying, but it's not that different than adult cows, pigs, chickens, etc. If you're ok with one kind of manufactured meat, then you can't be against another just because the animal is a little cuter.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • Pink veal can be farmed humanely and should be introduced to the American people.

    White veal is like battery eggs, made to be low flavor and classy, but in fact young bull (balls on) cows can be raised to be healthy, organic nutritious and tender. I have an organic farm and have tried young dairy cow raised by the cow. It doesn't taste like veal or like full-grown beef, it's a new flavor worth trying, like bison, but tender and grassy. We don't have to eat junk veal, we can do better for our animals.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • I do not believe farming and consumption of veal is acceptable because it is cruel to kill a baby animal.

    It is so sad that baby animals are being raised solely for the purpose of consumption. God didn't put creatures on the earth for the pure enjoyment of selfish people. They should allow the animal to grow into a healthy age and then consume them. It isn't right that people want to eat veal.

    Posted by: BGraham
  • No it really isn't.

    Any living thing capable of feeling pain and suffering will want, above anything else, to avoid pain and suffering. It is not acceptable to end one's life under the pretext of it having being created for that purpose. If it hadn't been created for that purpose then no pain and suffering would have come to existence either. It's simple ethics here you guys.

  • No, I do not agree that farming veal is appropriate.

    They're just baby animals, that's pure torture. How would you like it to be thrown in a tiny crate and live there for a while ? Getting abused? Not being able to walk nor turn around properly. Exactly. It's extremely cruel. I do not support that. Instead of killing innocent little baby animals how about you just wait until they are fully grown to produce it.

  • Why are they treated so poorly? Why must we be so cruel, even before the animal meets its death?

    There is no excuse for treating a living creature so poorly. None. It is savage. If you want to eat mean, fine- but please at least give the animals a decent life and quick, humane slaughter before consumption. Anything otherwise takes humans down to the level of savage carnivores no better than a pack of wild beast. Sometimes I think humans are de-volving.

  • Cruelty at its worst

    It's not the slaughter in itself that makes veal cruel. It's the treatment of the calf until its slaughter. If you were to be caught treating any other animal that way, you would be locked up for animal cruelty. There is no excuse for malnourishing an animal, caging it to the point it can't move and keeping it totally in the dark... For months. What a terrifying existence that is.

  • Veal consumption is mean and cruel.

    Keeping animals in the dark so they never see the light of day. Baby cows never get to know how great life is because they are kept in dark rooms for their short life. They can never grow up or even see their birth mothers. They have no one to properly care for them and then they are brutally slaughtered. What did they ever do to deserve such treatment!

  • No. It is completely unfair to the calf

    I don't think people would like it if their newborn, 3-month-old baby was taken from them, killed, then eaten. So why is it okay to do that to a cow's baby? And why do we need to pay lots of money to eat a baby cow when their are plenty of adult cows available that lived a long life? It just makes me sick and ashamed to be a human on this planet

  • It is not acceptable at all

    We already kill enough animals for consumption, no need to go and kill the baby animals too. There are so many food choices out there , why add calves to it? And they're killed at such a young age because of humans. Have a heart at least, it's just terrible. Plus, all that meat is unhealthy anyways.

  • Oh hell no

    Just no. I don't think it's okay. That is not the purpose of animals. They were not put on earth to be locked up and slaughtered. Maybe maybe maybe if they are free range that is a bit more acceptable. Nonetheless, I'm a slight bit conflicted, but I lean towards the no.

  • No veal for you

    Veal is obviously good but do you know what they do to get it. They take the male baby and stick it in a cage where it cant move, or do anything. Then by their 16 week mark they slaughter them to meet. It is disgusting and incredibly disturbing. DO NOT EAT VEAL

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