Is the fashion industry harmful to the youths of our society?

Asked by: TGASRogers
  • Starving adolescents is normal nowadays

    - Because people want to look like the thin models, they will buy all kinds of diets that won’t or shortly work. The reason these diets still exist, is because people still fall for this scam. This is caused by the fashion industry. Insecure adolescents adore the models and want to be just as beautiful as they are. Unfortunately, they often take this too literally. Every day kids are starving themselves just to look exactly like someone they’ve seen on the catwalk or in a magazine. These children do not realise that being skinny won’t make them a supermodel. It is due to the fashion industry that people with a normal weight want to be so skinny it’s unhealthy.

  • Its so not about the models, it's about the fashion

    Yes it is, but young girls like myself need to believe in their selves including their bodies. All of my life I have been slim some would say I have the perfect body. So I have never suffered of trying to lose weight I have just accepted that w all have very different bodies and the models on the cat walk are often borderline unhealthy figure. But as a society we all focus way to much on our weight, unhealthily so. Really don't look at the models look at the stunning clothes.

  • M9 rule yeah

    The fashion industry is teaching teenagers to go to an extreme to reach perfection. In actual fact, they are striving to be unhealthy. Furthermore, the media puts emphasis on skinny models influencing women, but the pressures for men to be muscular are also there but are not seen as much.

  • D11 agrees it is harmful

    We agree that its harmful as it is parading around a type of body that may be unachievable without causing harm to ones self, the catwalk needs to be a mixture of people to appreciate all body sizes. It may even be beneficial for the fashion industry to start advertising their products to people who feel, because of the size of the models, that they cannot wear the clothes advertised. To truly reflect society we need variation and diversity in the models.

  • V5 says yes for the sake of girls!!

    We think that it is more likely to have far more effect on girls than boys. This is because we see more female models than male models on the catwalk and this could mean that people are telling fibs about the sizes of the clothes and it can lead to no one being able to wear the if they go on the market. (class opinion typed by Micah)

  • Taking Advantage (of girls!)

    Only ever seeing slim models makes girls feel insecure, and might lead to eating disorders. Clothes are only targeted at slim models, making shopping an uncomfortable experience. Although some companies are using plus sized models, such as dove, these are largely targeted at older women rather than girls - so it doesn't help youths with their body image. Some of us argued that it is our fault - because we are gullible and allow ad companies to influence us, but others argued that they were acting immorally by taking advantage of girls insecurities.

  • Teenagers feel pressure to become skinny.

    When young girls look at fashion magazines they feel pressured to loose so much weight that it can have a huge toll on their health !
    With more and more models getting more skinny they feel the need to become skinny themselves as they might feel its not normal to be "Not Skinny ". Peer pressure could also cause this as their friends could be skinny too

  • N6 say yes!

    Some of the girls are way too skinny and it makes young girls feel like they have to be that skinny if they want to wear those clothes. The boys are always massive and it makes the boys feel like they have to be really ripped to wear the clothes.

  • D8 say yes for girls and no for boys!

    Yes because they are not using realistic models and then people feel they have to be skinny to wear the items of clothing. It can lead to anorexia and bulimia, although some of the models are naturally skinny. They are mis-selling the product and therefore it is not a universal product. These models DO pressure women to be skinny.

    However some of D8 believe that male models are often 'ripped' which is a symbol of being healthy; therefore it is different for female models compared to male models.

    As a boy I don’t think it is as bad. I don’t think they are saying you have to be like that to wear the product. However, I don’t think I am attractive so I must have got that idea from somewhere. ‘Large’ female models do make products unappealing to purchase.

  • E1 say no to ultra skinny!!!

    Despite my 3 Yr11 girls feeling that the clothes is the most important thing and that their BMI is not important, the rest of the form overwhelmingly felt that the women should not be super skinny!! This is dangerous because it may encourage anorexia and other eating related disorders. Over and out.

  • D7 think models look silly so young people wouldn't aspire to this!

    Models are not ordinary people so young people wouldn't aspire to this. Most of D7 thought young people knew about Photoshop so wouldn't be fooled by it. Some girls in D7 did think that the modelling industry could be harmful to girls and encourage eating disorders in them. They on the whole feel young people aren't that easily influenced.

  • D7-Models don't look good so they are not harmful

    D7 thought that the clothes models wear are odd so the youth would not aspire to this image. As regards Photoshop D7(majority of) thought that most people now realise that Photoshop is used so young people wouldn't be fooled by this. Some of D7 however thought that models could encourage eating disorders in girls.

  • V1 think it depends on the consumer.

    V1 came up with arguments that supported both sides but the overall opinion is that the fashion industry is harmful only to those who become obsessed with it. Young people are under pressure to both spend money on clothes and look slim. However, fashion and an interest in clothes is always going to be an important part of our culture.It was noted in our group discussion that the priority of the fashion industry is to make money, not promote a healthy life style.

  • Best debate this year so far E3

    This generated great debate today in E3. We discussed the value of fashion shows (eg London / New York), whether we are more interested in trends rather than in the models, whether celebrities are more influential than models and whether promoting all body sizes could lead to increased obesity. E3 signing out :)

  • No no no!

    Today, there are lots of different types of models from extremely thin to supersized models. In addition, at school and other places people are made aware of the consequences of being extremely thin. Furthermore, youths of today are being regularly exposed to more healthily sized role models. PEACE OUT!!! #KATE4B11

  • E8 agree with the issues such as bigorexia and anorexia

    Due to the coverage that they have, they might have a negative impact on us. Also it will have a negative impact because teenage girls will want to look like them themselves. We should maybe be more realistic and encourage average sized models. Hollister models also have a negative impact by encouraging muscular gain because of there models on bags and billboards.

  • No Clothes !

    I don't think that children should wear clothes because that causes heat stroke and we always do what is best for our children so the only option is to strip, become a drug dealer, own a strip club, graduate high school or college and cook food for your significant other.

  • B4 say no

    Although girls feel more pressured than Men. There is a lot more variety of model types including supersized models. The fashion industry is changing its stereotypes of what a model is. It also provides motivation to people to live a healthy lifestyle as it sets targets and goals. It is also a good source of income for the country.

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