• Being fat is not healthy

    Being fat is not healthy. You can try and argue this point by saying that some fat people run and exercise. Just because you can run doesn't make you healthy. And saying that a fat female is the normal body type that all men should be attracted to, is just plain wrong. The average female body type is roughly 120-140lbs, not 2/12 tonnes. This fat acceptance movement is just plain wrong, and is encouraging people to be unhealthy.

  • Yet another failed feminist movement

    The reason that society "fat shames" fat people is because it is simply unhealthy for you to do. Obviously, nobody is forcing fat propel to become skinny, and the government has no power over what people can do with their personal health, but seriously, how is being heavier than the normal weight a good thing? If fat acceptance activists just got on a diet and went to the gym, they wouldn't have a need for any fat acceptance movements.

  • It's unhealthy simple as that

    People are fighting for it to be ok to slowly kill yourself and be at a far greater risk of heart attacks? Get out of here, I'm overweight myself and rapidly changing it because it's UNHEALTHY I don't give a shit whether you find fat people attractive or unattractive, fact of the matter is it's unhealthy and it shouldn't be promoted or defended

  • Fat Acceptance is Early Death Acceptance

    The Fat Acceptance movement is just another ridiculous feminist movement (and for those of you not in the know, modern feminism is a hateful ideology). Being fat has no benefits once so ever, and has serious consequences, such as limited mobility, shorter life, increased risk of heart attack, etc. People who are obese shouldn't brag about it, but rather work to become healthier people.

  • Yes it is.

    Fat acceptance is not a movement of acceptance, it's a movement of glorification. Specifically, the glorification of bad health and poor lifestyle choices.

    Obesity is not something that should be glorified (or shamed), it's not something that should be heralded, it's simply something that should be discouraged. People should be free to live how they want, and they should love and accept themselves, but they should not use "acceptance" as a term that justifies poor decisions.

  • It is stupid

    People die from being obese. "So they should not be proud of being obese. But if they are celebrating fat acceptance, Then they are proud of death. " (Casey Hess, My debate partner/ my hero)
    I do not get it why people celebrate being a beluga whale. That is just wrong.

  • Obesity is extremely expensive suicide.

    Obesity and complications related to it is one of the biggest killers in America. Obesity also costs the health care system $190 billion a year, which accounts for 21% of annual medical spending. This, in turn, costs the taxpayers of the United States $190 billion a year. We should not be forced to accept your life choices if they cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

  • Stop setting these terrible examples

    If you're fat and don't value yourself enough to change that's perfectly fine, live your life how you want to live your life at least what's left of it. Do not try to excuse your laziness and poor decisions with this 'fat acceptance' bullshit. For a second, just try to think about someone other than your fat ass.

    What kind of examples is this setting for children? Oh it's okay that little Tom and little Mary are 3 times the size of all their classmates and are at risk for major health problems, let's not try to help them by giving them the right advice and guidance let's just tell them eat all the cake you want!

  • Obesity is self harm

    Fat acceptance leads already obese people (people with already existing health risks) to not feel the need to lose weight and be healthy, obesity causes harm, and by continuous consuming of excess calories it will cause further weight gain and damage which could perhaps be argued to be subconscious self harm. Why should we be encouraging something so bad and unhealthy? And I’m not even going to start on the millions that are wasted on something that could be easily resolved. PREACH

  • They aren't healthy

    Being fat is WRONG, not the person. Being fat means that you have a higher percentage of body fat then the average person of your height and age. Being fat also opens the person up to a large amount of diseases like Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. The high possibility rate for diseases can and will cause the person to have to take more medication, which increases their medical bills, all together. Being Fat is wrong because it highers your medical bills, lowers your life expectancy and increases the possibility of that person developing a disease. This is not an issue on accepting fat people, we should. But this is the issue of life and death, due to poor life choices.

  • No this is terrible

    Is this really a problem. Its really sad cause your body shamming them but they are perfectly fine. They are human they are the same as you and me. No matter if your skinny, thick, small, or any body we are all human so why discriminate. We could be worrying about serious stuff like racism or global warming but were sitting here looking at someone's weight REALLY.

  • Its an Immune Response

    The latest medical evidence is its an immune system response. Contrary to what doctors long believed, the immune system is responsible for how our brain behaves and looks likely to explain everything from autism to weight problems. Apparently, our brains determine to a great extent just how social we can become which is a way of combating infectious diseases.

  • Fat people are faggert gay unhealthy

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  • Obesity isn't healthy

    While being fat is not healthy, its not me who's fat, its not be who weighs 300lbs. Genetically speaking some people hold on to fat better than others. Same with skinny people. Being fat is their choice so let them be fat. Learn how to let people enjoy what's left of their lives without you talking down to them. Their doctor already does that.

  • Not usually, no

    Like all social justice movements, you occasionally get some people who go too far and want to encourage people to be fat or shame people for being thin or some other dumb shit like that, but for the most part, fat acceptance movements are just about saying:
    "I'm fatter than most people, but not to the extent that it's a danger to my health, so just don't be a dick about it".

  • It is not always a lifestyle choice

    Although there are many people who have chosen unhealthy habits and brought it upon themselves, it is not always the case. There are many cases where it has nothing to do with fitness or diet choices. My brother was born as a cute chubby little boy. He has always been highly engaged in physical activity. He is into baseball and football. He also happens to eat far healthier than me. My diet consists of six slices of pizza and a soda. The cliche of unhealthy choices. He eats eggs for breakfast and salad for lunch. He usually has as meal like spaghetti or steak for dinner. And he still manages to only eat the recommended portions of each food group. Despite all of that, he still more than doubles my weight. His doctor always tells him to exercise more, but he goes to the gym every morning. This is not his fault. It is the way he is. I understand that leading a healthy life is important, however sometimes it is just the way they are. No change needed.

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