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  • Yes yes yes

    Obesity is one of the largest issues in our society.
    Scientists believe that if we don't start healthy living soon, then by 2030, 45% of the USA adults will be obese.
    You might not believe that statistic but trust me-



    All of that shows how the fat tax is or will benefit our society. Donuts, lollies, chips, fizzie drinks all taste good, but how many cancers can they lead you to?

    By the 'fat tax' everyone will pay more attention to what they are eating, and that will shape our society into a better form!

  • Yes the fat tax is a good idea

    1) junk food has more harm full wraping than healthy foods like apples that you pick out.
    2) it would be good for the economy because the government spends an average of 10% of its health budget on people who are to obese or ill to work caused by unhealthy eating so if they are going to cost the government more money than they should pay more.
    3) will improve overall public health by 20%. This means 2700 lives saved just from heart disease caused by unhealthy eating in a year.
    4) will reduce prices of healthy foods because more people would be buying them.

  • Yes, the fat tax is a good idea.

    I think that the fat tax is a good idea. It is something that can help a lot of people in terms of evening out their taxes regardless of their income. I think that it is a policy that is fair and just when it comes to a consumer based society.

  • No, we don't need someone dictating our diets.

    No, the fat tax is most definitely not a good idea. The "fat tax" is just what it's name implies - another tax. If the government imposes a tax on fattening foods, we will see a considerable price increase in any food it decides should be in this category: chips, candy, cakes, soda, ice cream and more. This will just make us, the consumer, pay higher prices with one more tax added to us. It will not stop us from eating these things. The government doesn't care what we eat.

  • You can't tax everything.

    No, a fat tax is not a good idea, because there are enough vices that we already tax. We cannot tax every behavior that is bad. Even eating too many carrot sticks is bad for you, if you really go crazy. People should be allowed to make their own choices and live with consequences.

  • There is nothing good about that idea.

    The fat tax is a stupid idea that should not be allowed to gain traction. Essentially, what it does is enshrine discrimination against people who have medical disorders (yes, obesity is such a disorder). It's basically people who focus far too much on the outward appearance of others attempting to legalize fat shaming.

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