Is the fatherhood movement having a positive impact on society?

  • It can be a good thing

    The fatherhood movement that is taking place in the United States of America along with the rest of the world indeed overall is a good thing that is taking place. Fatherhood especially for certain people may better them in the long run when it comes to things if they have a father figure.

  • Yes, fathers are contributing more now.

    Just 50 years ago or so, a father was someone who went out to work and then came home and read the paper and had a drink and a smoke. Today because of the fatherhood movement many young and older fathers are actively involved with their kids and are sought for guidance which is better for the kids and for the parents, including the mother.

  • Fathers should be involved with their kids

    For years we have been hearing the damage to children and communities caused by deadbeat dads. Children are most successful when they have both their father and their mother involved with their life. The fatherhood movement is good for society because it helps fathers earn the rights they need to stay involved with their children.

  • Not Widely Popular

    The fatherhood movement is not widely dispersed across the nation. I believe the fatherhood movement doesn't exist in some areas of the United States. For that reason, I do not believe it is having a positive impact on society. It doesn't seem to be having a full impact on American society at all.

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