• They can't make up their mind.

    Both the FBI and the Justice Department are playing politics. There was no reason to dismiss the first investigation without really reporting on it, and after Bill Clinton had a short meeting with FBI personnel on a plane. This time, there is no reason to open an investigation again a few days before the election. It's hard to keep straight whose side they're on, but they're definitely playing politics.

  • The FBI is getting too involved in politics

    The Democrat's nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, is embroiled in yet another layer of her seemingly unending email scandal. This time, though, the FBI are getting involved, which spells trouble for Clinton. They're playing a political game that is causing the public to distrust Clinton and head towards the Trump camp.

  • Yes, i think so.

    So, too, with the strange case of the FBI and Hillary Clinton’s emails, which is now dominating the US presidential campaign. The FBI had previously “completed its investigation” in July, concluding that while she was careless, no crime was committed when Mrs Clinton used a personal, instead of a government, server to exchange emails about classified information. And the FBI’s decision to go public about its reopened investigation on the flimsiest of grounds shows that conspiracy theorists are more influential than ever. Not just politicians but supposedly independent government institutions are now pandering to the paranoid. But taking these wild ideas seriously doesn’t defuse them – it bolsters their power and makes the US increasingly ungovernable.

  • No, the FBI is not playing politics.

    No, it is my belief that the FBI is not playing politics. This is because I have never heard in the news or elsewhere of the FBI trying to sway peoples opinions on who to vote for. They are simply doing their job investigating Hillary Clinton, and they are not trying to convince anyone of anything.

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