• Yes, Positive progress is being made.

    Women are now allowed to vote and drive in Saudi, Something that was recently unheard of. Even though a lot more still remains to be done, But I think a lot of ground has also been gained already. More women need to stand up for themselves and be more vocal.

  • Yes, the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia is gaining ground.

    Yes, the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia is gaining ground because women are being more vocal and standing up for themselves. The government is unprepared to deal with this new rise in feminism, and women will ultimately get what they want. They deserve to be treated as equals and should continue to fight.

  • The power of social media!

    With the advent of social media, women in Saudi Arabia have finally been seeing that the way that they live is not normal. Now there are rumblings of women being allowed to vote, and they even are slowly providing the backbone to remove male guardianship. These are all great advancements for a country that's been stuck in the Middle Ages too long.

  • Yes, the feminist movement is gaining some ground.

    While the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia and similar countries may be gaining some ground, these countries are steeped in deep history when it comes to women being subservient beings. It will take many, many years of work for women to be seen as equal to men in these countries, if it ever happens at all.

  • No, it is not gaining much ground.

    Unfortunately, the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia is not gaining much ground. Women in Saudi Arabia are still treated like 3rd class citizens. Women cannot drive cars, go outside without the escort of a male adult, participate in the same activities that men do. Women that break these rules are severely punished by the government.

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