• Yup, the shoe fits.

    I'm assuming we're talking about the Hungarian conservative political party here. If that's the case, then I think it's pretty well established that they are sexist, chauvinistic and not entirely welcoming of women. I mean come on, any organization that has a youth wing admitting members until they're 35 isn't exactly being progressive.

  • The Fidesz party is chauvinistic.

    The Fidesz party is chauvinistic. They have made several comments about women being in power in the past. I think sometimes that people can sometimes slip and make judgments out there they do not mean but they continue to push the issues that they actually feel that way and I think that is wrong.

  • It is not.

    The Fidesz party is definitely not chauvinistic. If the Fidesz party was chauvinistic, there would be a much wider group of people say that it is. For those who are calling the Fidesz party is chauvinistic, then they are just being too sensitive and need to get over themselves already.

  • Young, But Not Chauvinistic

    The Fidesz Party is young, but not chauvinistic. Like most political parties that favor young people, the Fidesz are idealistic and liberal in their views. If someone considers the party an organization that looks out for its own interests, then yes, it is a bit chauvinistic and narcissistic. However, that's just politics in general.

  • Simply Has a Majority of Hungarian Seats

    The Fidesz party isn't chauvinistic, it is simply the majority party in Hungarian politics. The party was founded on the principles of democracy by young people. The Fidesz is simply Hungary moving forward as they have been a part of the country's politics for more than 15 years. Young people deserve a voice, whether it is chauvinistic or not.

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