Is the fight for LGBT equality in the military over?

  • #LoveWins. :) <3

    It may not be official, but I can guarantee that the military will soon support the LGBT community. The world is becoming more accepting, it's gonna happen sooner or later. Hopefully some people will realize that #Love will always #Win. #LoveWins #LoveWins #HomophobesSaltyTears #Love #Wins #Always #GetOverIt #GayIsOkay #GodLovesGays :)

  • The military should never become the test bed for social experimentation.

    Having served in the Military, I can easily see just how detrimental social experimentation is to unit cohesiveness and the ability to function in combat. To serve is a privilege and not a right, or even an expectation. There are plenty of other places to find jobs in the private sector and even to serve your country without using the military for experimentation.

    As an aside... Is anybody else tired of every single aspect of our personal lives being subject to politics?

  • No, there is still stigma.

    There have been great advances in the rights of LGBT individuals in the military. Many of the de jure obstacles to equality have been removed. However, that does not mean that the military has achieved equality. There is still a lot of stigma towards LGBT people within the armed forces. It will require time and understanding before LGBT people gain true equality.

  • It's not over.

    Despite the fact that military personnel are permitted to "come out", the fight for equality is far from being over. Heterosexual military personnel tend to be somewhat homophobic. This fight will take more time before it could even be considered over, just as it will continue to take time before the general public fully accepts them.

  • No it is going to be a long road.

    This is just the first step on a very long very hard road. Humans are till ignorant and hateful . He military is full of double talk and cover ups as well as people who will come up with other 'different ' reasons to cover themselves from a lawsuit and still target gay men and women. On top of that there are still a lot of restrictions left unaddressed.

  • There is likely still a huge taboo against coming out.

    I'm sure that even though gays are allowed to admit their sexuality now, there is still a huge taboo against coming out. I have no ties to the military thus I don't know what goes on, but I imagine it's something like after the slaves were freed. There probably still isn't an extremely equal level within the community.

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