• Mad Max will not be a feminist movie

    Mad Max will not be a feminist movie. This is because the woman is playing a masculine role. And most women do not want to play masculine roles. Truly feminist roles would be about women being womanly, not about women who are just acting masculine. I think Hollywood has it all messed up.

  • Yes, Fury Road is a movie for everyone in favor of equal rights.

    A feminist is someone who supports equal rights for women. With a female protagonist, it delivers further inroads to that end, making it a film for the consumption of any person who believes in those rights. It portrays a woman capable of being equally strong and effective as male characters, which is true to life in general and appealing to the feminist.

  • Yes, the film Mad Max: Fury Road, could be construed as a movie for feminists.

    One of the main characters in Mad Max: Fury Road is a female road warrior, Furiosa. Her role is the very epitome of a feminist, or a strong advocate who fights for social, legal, political, economical or other rights for women equal to the rights of men. Her role as a feminist is even more obvious since she and Max are protagonist and antagonist and she portrays a female character which is equivalent to Max. This film is based on a woman's strength and strong will and according to the director, George Miller, there will be even more sequels to this film and they will also have strong female character roles.

  • Pandering at best

    The problem with calling this a movie for feminists is that it assumes all feminists are raging man-haters barely advanced from bra-burning. That's not the case. There's a lot to like about this movie, particularly Charlize Theron's character, but it still feels more like they're painting by the numbers and assuming that feminists can only enjoy one particular type of strong female character.

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