• YES

    The minute they begin having to be bailed out, and literally propped up, by the tax payers is the moment they should reduced greatly. It would not be so bad if they acted like they had any interest in the well-being of the people propping them up, but that is simply not the case. Time and time again they have proved that they do not care nothing about us, and will smile to the bank as they give each other bigger bonuses while watching the rest of us sink. They are simply too big for their own good.

  • Yes, We Should Break Them Up

    Time and time again, the financial sector has taken advantage of the fact that they are so big and so looming over American society. They are able to dodge responsibility by being "too big to fail," and they have been able to dodge the law by being "too big to prosecute." This is a major problem when they are able to do whatever they want without consequences.

  • YES

    The financial sector is way too large. It is a monster that covers the entire U.S. economy with a cloud of plague. It controls way too much of our money to be so unregulated, and most people wind up being screwed over by it.

    I'm not saying that we need to get rid of it altogether, but there definitely needs to be some kind of reform.

    Too big to fail is too big to exist.

  • They Play an Important Role

    The financial sector plays a huge role in our society and in our economy. They allow businesses to function by letting them take out loans and do their banking. They allow people to buy homes by taking out mortgages and they allow large parts of the government and industry to function. The sector as a whole is not too large; however, some of the companies in the financial sector ARE much too large and need to be broken up. The financial sector also needs to be more liable and should be able to be brought to justice for crimes and wrongdoings they commit.

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