Is the financial tax a possible solution (yes) of a tax break for the rich (no)?

  • I support Tax breaks

    We should have a flat tax system. Get rid of all deductions and credits. Everyone should be taxed the same equal percentage. The “rich” should pay the same percentage as the “poor.” They will still be paying more dollar wise. The most successful people in our society create jobs and business. They should pay as little as possible, while the poor (the largest drain on society), should pay higher taxes if we want true equality.

  • Yes, the financial tax is a possible solution.

    I definitely believe that financial tax is a solution rather than just a tax break for the rich. I think that the financial tax will help with some of the issues and problems that economy is currently dealing with. I also think that those who are criticizing it are those with political and social biases.

  • They'll just move the money elsewhere

    The rich are rich for many reasons, but one of them is being able to hire the best accountants. Every time the government closes one loophole, the rich will discover two more or just move the money overseas and then renounce their citizenship, as many of them are. There should be tax breaks to encourage people to get rich and drive the economy, not punish the innovation and success that employs most of us

  • No it won't work

    No it will not be able to work in this country. The Con's are trying to keep all their money in their pocket while making the little guy suffer with higher tax rates than the rich and wealthy. If you give a poor person the money guess what they do spend that money, as where the rich and wealthy sit on it and invest the money and it doesn't create jobs that way at all.

  • Question Not Clear

    I believe it is impossible to know if a generic financial tax could be a solution or a tax break for the rich. I could assume that the question refers to financial transaction taxes, but those do not refer to a consumerist tax and they are not focused on tax payers. The question lacks the specificity needed.

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