• YES, the country is as politically correct as ever

    Media, gov't, and academia are all corrupt. Freedom of speech and religion being restricted, freedom of the press really just blocks out most conservative sources, favoring the liberal-biased media. It's difficult to assemble these days with the violence and the bloodshed. Strong liberals want to restrict Christians of practicing certain techniques like prayer on gov't owned land. They think Christianity is a problem, but they love to accept thousands of Islamic people who may or may not be associated with terrorist groups like ISIS.

  • Yes I believe that the first amendment is dead

    The first amendment is dead as much as I can say. Freedom is speech is dead thanks to political correctness. The Pc group is saying using the right pronouns and saying we are insensitive.Next freedom of the press. Now we got democrats rejecting press rights for bloggers. We also got the Obama administration allegedly tapping a journalist computer, There are more cases in which the government prosecuted a whole group of journalist refuting to cooperate with the government. Freedom of religion now you are not allowed to refuse services to gay couple because your religion says otherwise. Now the government can tax you,shut down your business, and labeled a homophobic,racist or a Nazi. Freedom of assembly is also dead. Since we sacrifice the rights i listed the government can now say NO.

  • PC and progressivism have killed it.

    The amendment was first because the founding fathers considered it to be Very important to the freedom of the people.

    As the old saying goes "Is Delete repeated word better to be silent and let people think you are an idiot that to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

    Its is every Americans right to be able to remove the doubt

  • This website is a testament.

    Sites like this and many others show testament to the fact that we are as free as ever to espouse our political views. Political correctness does not negate freedom of speech: Although you may be frowned upon by more respectable members of society for saying racist/sexist things, it is in no way illegal. Trump stands as another testament to the vivacity of free speech. Although many people may not like the things he says, he can still say them and they can still be broadcast by the news (freedom of the press).

  • No, political correctness does not mean the first amendment is dead.

    To say that freedom of speech is restricted in the day in age of the internet is absurd. Log on to any social media and you will see people exercising their first amendment rights freely. Regarding freedom of press, just tune into Fox news and you will see a news agency dedicated to bashing the current president with no repercussions. Religious freedom is not being compromised either. You can practice your religion whenever and wherever without government influence. Now, if you try to use religion as a way to discriminate against people, not only are you a crappy person, but Amendment 14 of our constitution doesnt allow that.

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