Is the "fiscal cliff crisis" a ploy to make politicians feel relevant?

  • Yes

    Yes, the "Cliff" is exaggerated. Changes to the tax code should be made, but in regards to the "Fiscal Cliff," the deficit, as well as taxes and spending, wouldn't be much different from the tax plans being proposed in Congress right now. The main concern here is the deficit and austerity cuts, and the fiscal cliff has little to do with these two as the proposed solutions still have a deficit and austerity cuts.

  • Yes, the Fiscal Cliff Crisis is an Attention Getter

    The Fiscal Cliff Crisis could easily be compared to a reality show. The cameras roll and the most outrageous comments have been flung back and forth. Every dramatic ploy has been used short of all out fist-fights while the American people suffer. Most politicians are so painfully out of touch with the rest of the country who is just trying to live a comfortable life. There seems to be absolutely no regard for those who need financial stability and to know that our elected politicians are actually looking out for them.

  • The Fiscal Cliff Crisis Is Not A Ploy

    The fiscal cliff crisis is not a ploy. It is something real that our country is dealing with. The way this country handles taxes is a big deal and always has been. The way we go about doing it will not make any politicians any more relevant than they are now.

  • Like they need one

    Politicians already treat their jobs like they're on a reality show and their inaction has no actual relevance in the world. The fiscal cliff is a real thing and not made up for politicians to feel important, they're already a bunch of self absorbed chumps that need no help in thinking about how powerful they are.

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