• The Fiscal Cliff Deal is Adequate for the Situation

    I think the fiscal cliff deal is adequate because it prevented unfair tax increases. If the Republicans were not so concerned about their re-election chances the bill would have gone even further to help average Americans. I think that additional measures need to be taken to ensure that the middle class does not have to endure more tax increases.

  • Yes

    Yes I think for now that the fiscal cliff deal is adequate. I think that once the new Congress is sworn in, then the bill should be reevaluated and changes made. But for now, the bill prevented every American from tax increases and prevented people from losing unemployment benefits. I think they need to make sure this doesn't happen again either.

  • Not at all

    I don't see how anybody can say this deal is adequate, all it does is push something off for a while (and not very long, at that.) There's a reason congress has abysmal approval ratings, and you're looking at it with how this has been handled. A long term solution needs to get done and the fact that it hasn't already is a disgrace.

  • No, the fiscal cliff just delays the inevitable...

    Other then the increase in social security tax, the fiscal cliff deal did not make any other meaningful changes to the direction our country is headed. Despite the fact that many Americans would prefer otherwise, taxes need to increase if we are ever going to pay our debts. I believe that this issue is going to come up again.

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