Is the fiscal cliff Obama's best chance to close Guantanamo Bay?

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  • No, The Fiscal Cliff Will Not Help Guantanamo Bay Closure

    The GOP has it out for President Obama. Many of their members feel that he made them look like fools during the entire fiscal cliff avoidance process and are only gearing up to seek revenge. Their strategy to date clearly has been to oppose anything the president wants to implement. I do believe that President Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay but he has so many other things that need to be dealt with and right now this isn't the right time for him to try to get the closure done.

  • Unlikely To Get Support

    The Guantanamo Bay prison doesn't cost very much, and trying to close it would generate great deal of political opposition because of concerns about what would happen with the prisoners, as well as political opportunism. A more likely path is to not take any more prisoners, and to release or try the ones already there.

  • Who Knows

    At the end of the day it seems the government does what they want with money. While America seems to have a say, bill are supposedly passed, and laws are supposedly enforced in virtue...we still end up facing issues like such without certain resolve. I pray Obama is just led in prayer.

  • No

    No, the fiscal cliff will not help Obama close Guantanamo. The best chance of closing Guantanamo is to reach a bipartisan agreement within Congress. I do not think the fiscal cliff will have any effect on Guantanamo Bay. Obama has done very little to close Guantanomo and the fiscal cliff will not change that. There are many other pressing needs and Guantanomo gets pushed further down the list.

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