Is the Five Nights At Freddy's series overrated?

Asked by: gabep
  • Yes it is

    1:Horrible Rps 2:Disgusting Fanart 3:Rude and Selfish Fans. At least Mario is better than Fnaf and You guys don’t know how much I hate fnaf (Especially the fanbase)Scott Cathwon Your Franchise’s Suck. So people just let the fans do what they want and besides They are going to go to hell anyway. Oh I’m sorry Scott Did I HURT YOUR FEELINGS!

  • It just needs to end now

    The fanbase has been getting a lot more toxic ever since FNAF 3 came out and a friend of mine (as well as one of her friends) are obsessed with the series and wont stop talking about it to me. Dont get me wrong the series is alright, but the constant arguments about the pettiest things like the gender of Mangle, Funtime Foxy, The Puppet, Lefty etc and the story as well is getting annoying. When someone says something, some bratty kids or hardcore fans will just disregard/shite all over the idea and say you're wrong and say you're wrong it as it won't tie in to the lore or character back story etc.

    Dont get me started on the fan art and fan fics, a lot of them are cringy as hell as they make badly drawn OC's that they pair up with certain characters or force that animatronic, like Foxy for example, to fall in love with their OC or themselves (in fanfics or fan art). A lot of the fanart is amazing and some of the interpretations of what they'd look like as humans is kinda cool. A lot of SFM's are just as bad as it's just kids making them lovey dovey with one another as well as other things.

    Kids and hardcore fans tend to forget that FNAF has a dark 'story' as 11+ kids were murdered and stuffed into the animatronic suits themselves by Purple Guy/William Afton. The story is all over the place and is up to the fans interpretation, but so many people will just shite all over other people's opinions and ideas and say they're wrong or just say something like 'they only hurt people because they were programmed to do it by william/henry' and forget about the spirits inhabiting the suits.

    Also many fans dont know that part of the story/lore is closely based on a real life event at a Chuck E. Cheese's back in the 90's.

    The fans need to tone it down once and forget about it once the UCN hype has dyed down as well as the movie hype.

  • Let it Burn

    Can the FNAF series end, they're milking it harder than a countryman milks a cow, the mechanics are gimmicky and repetitive, the horror is almost nonexistent, and the plot has more holes than swiss cheese, yet the SFM movies never seem to end, along with all the art of animatronics doing "it" and children screaming and praying to Scott to release more, please let it burn already.

  • Let it Burn

    Can the FNAF series end, they're milking it harder than a countryman milks a cow, the mechanics are gimmicky and repetitive, the horror is almost nonexistent, and the plot has more holes than swiss cheese, yet the SFM movies never seem to end, along with all the art of animatronics doing "it" and children screaming and praying to Scott to release more, please let it burn already.

  • It's gone too far.

    Guys, there is a point where you have gone too far. I'm looking at you, Scotty. It's an okay game. I won't deny it. The only horror bits about it are the jumpscares, death screen, and tone. It's pretty good for being made with still frames and a few short animations. Kudos there. But who are we kidding when we say "FNAF needs a 6th game, FNAF needs a movie, FNAF needs it's own wiki, FNAF needs it's own fan site, FNAF FNAF FNAF Freddy for life..." They have taken it out of proportion. As for the fan stuff, I won't lie and say it's all terrible. Some of it is cool. Some of it helps if you are genuinely scared by this game. But good god, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE CHICA AND FOXY AND EVERYONE DOING IT!!! That's the fan content that makes me change my Facebook mood to "Stabby". Overall, impressive game engineering-wise, not that original horror, over-hyping, half the fanbase are reasonable, other half make me homicidal, this series needs to CHILL. Freddy, get off the stage of the Internet, and take a break. There are other things out there, ESPECIALLY among the (over-done) horror genre.

  • The characters and atmosphere lack personality.

    The game seemed interesting at first, but the characters lack personality or character development. An example of a game with great personality is BATIM. The art style of the characters and Joey Drew Studios looks like an old 1930s cartoon and the individual characters have more personality. The best example of this is Alice Angel having a split personality, having narcissistic and perfectionist personality traits, being very demanding, having a strong hatred of Bendy, and a strong fear of tainted ink. She also collects perfect ink and hearts to make herself more beautiful. Boris is helpful to the player, has mechanic skills, and is scared of Alice Angel taking his heart and ink. Bendy simply chases the player and kills them if he reaches them. His motives are currently unknown and he walks with a slight limp. What does FNAF have?: animatronics all with the same goal with no unique personality traits to differentiate them from the other animatronics. And the FNAF fandom is extremely cringy and full of cringy preteen fangirls who cannot draw well and sexual art of the animatronics.

  • Good Game, but Gets Over Hyped by Fans

    I like FNAF, and think it's very unique, but it's also very overrated, and gets way too much credit. At every school I've ever been to, there's always this crazy fan group that overly glorifies it. I'm not saying it's annoying that they like it, I'm saying it's irritating that they won't shut up about it. I really don't care who you ship them with, they're costumes possessed by murdered children, not people in the flesh and blood who can love each other and have kids (this makes me wonder what FNAF shippers are thinking, anyway). Must I begin about the fan art? It bugs me that people do tons of fan-spam about FNAF in a style where they're not bloodthirsty ghost children who's dead bodies are enslaved in an animatronic suit, but actual animals who are super nice, and sweet. Umm... What? They draw them all cute and giggly, when they really what to murder you. This has always annoyed me, and I think it is definitely gets ruined by fans.

  • This game is so overrated.

    The game itself for an indie game is good: the gameplay is not broken, the story is ok. However, I played it and I find it insanely not scary this game is. Sure it might get you the first time you play it if you've never experienced a game with cheap jumpscares. Compared to other actual good horror games like outlast or Resident Evil 3, it just pales in comparison. After you've experienced a billion repetitive jumpscares, it just gets tedious whereas it actual horror games like RE3 and outlast, there is more atmospheric horror and that's what makes them good horror games. All this series has turned into now is a way for little kids to see youtubers like Markiplier overreact to EVERY jumpscare and it makes them want to buy it themselves. Like seriously stop it. After 2 or even 5 jumpscares it just gets extremely boring even more so since the gameplay is perhaps too simple. Overall, this game was way too overhyped and all the fanboys make it worse.

  • Hype is crazy!

    I used to play and beat FNAF 2, and then the fanbase came running in. Just like Undertale, the fans ruined it. Fan art, animations, spin-offs and crazy theories ruined it for me. I thought it was pretty good for an indie game too. Then the hype went to people at my school and I almost lost it. The fans of FNAF were creepy outcasts of my school, and FNAF is ALL THEY BREATHE! I only had to deal with them is because of assigned seats. The fan tried getting me to like the game ALL year. If I didn't he would pop up one his annoying memos that make no sense and use it as an insult? I don't know. I like funny things, but I have better things to do. So yeah my personal experience.

  • Just let it die already

    It's old and tired, and it wasn't that great when it started.It was fine when it was just one or two games, bad, rehashed and over hyped, but whatever. Now it's everywhere and won't fucking die. And the real pathetic thing is he has been selling effectively the same game over and over. Apparently the new one will have free roaming, but yeah, maybe you should have introduced that in 2 or 3, not the sixth official game only.Even then, who knows if it really will be implemented? People have been claiming that since the 3 game. Then again Cawthon could shit in a bucket and FNAF fans would eat it up. God forbid someone actually starts making FNAF Frozen Pizzas, fans would probably buy those for twice the usual price just for the name. The third game should have been the last, but no, he just has to keep milking the fanbase. Fans need to stop acting like he's just some sweet indie dev anymore, he has a cash cow and he knows it will. It should have ended with the third game, but there was more money to be made from fan brats so he did it.

  • More Like Overhated

    I've seen more hate than love for the game and its fanbase, and honestly, it doesn't deserve it. Yes, some fans can act like kids, and yes, some fans are actual kids, but that gives you no right to treat them as sub-human. If you want to whine and cry about how mean they are to you, then how about you treat them with some decency first? Jesus Christ, there are a lot of spoiled children on the Internet, and they're not the FNaF fans.

  • FNAF is a GOOD game. You just can't see the fun in it.

    FNAF is not overrated because the game has very unique mechanics like in FNAF 4, you have to avoid the animatronics and listen for footsteps coming towards you and constantly check the bed for the mini-freddies. You also have to check the hallways and shine flashlights but also be careful. FNAF 2 has some of these mechanics too. FNAF is just plain great haters! DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

  • It is not

    This game is such an ambitious independent and funny game that one can't really say it's overrated. Of course you can find it boring after a while, but what game prevents that? It;s a lot more complicated than these cheap horrors with everything expectable. Don't say it is overrated unless you played your yourself.

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