Is the flint predicament a good representation of how the government handles environmental issues that it has caused?

  • Government Coverup, Big Surprise

    The Flint predicament is a good representation of how the government handles environmental issues it has caused. The number one priority is always to hush up as much as possible. God forbid someone's career be on the line, even if they caused something horrible through negligence. If the government could actually take responsibility right away, that would be a good first step in fixing issues like the Flint predicament.

  • Government inefficiency is showing

    Government inefficiency is showing. Yes, the Flint disaster is like other disasters that the EPA and other government agencies have handled. Like chemical spills in Colorado, fracking problems in the Mid-west, etc. There needs to be less disturbance of our environment. This way we won't be destroying the earth and its resources.

  • Government Fails Flint Residents

    For over two year the state of Michigan has known about the lead poisoned water in Flint. During this time they have done nothing to address the issue and have basically ignored the issue. Even after the news has become public, response has been slow and ineffective. Residents are expected to be affected for years to come.

  • Flint predicament is complicated

    The entire Flint situation is complicated and not necessarily a representative example of the Government's handling of similar environmental issues. Many factors combined to allow such toxic water to be prevalent and each of these conflating factors would need to be thoroughly investigated before a clear impression could be reached on whether this is a sign of larger Governmental malfeasance.

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