Is the focus of underage sport based too much on winning?

  • Response to JeremyMcNamee

    Its okay to give out participation trophies! You are being completely ridiculous! I feel like instead of putting more pressure on kids to win, we should just be encouraging them to try their hardest! I hate people like you, who think that winning is the only way to succeed. Actually, Kids these days need more encouragement than ever becouse of the amount of stress put on us by adults like you. It IS OKAY TO LOSE. I LOVE IT WHEN MOM TELLS ME I DID FINE EVEN IF I LOSE. YOU ARE A BUTT.

  • Too much emphasis.

    There is too much emphasis on winning in middle and high school sports. Instead of telling children to go out and have fun, they tell them to go out and win. The point of sports is to have fun and is meant to be a way for people to relieve stress but all coaches and parents do is put more stress on children involved in sports.

  • See below answer

    The poster below is spot on. While there's something to be said for the adults running underaged sports taking it too seriously, we create a generation of wieners if we tell hem the outcome doesn't matter as long as you intended to win. To hell with that, if they lose don't shame them into the corner but don't tell them it's just as good as winning either.

  • No it doesn't focus enough on winning. All we are doing is crippling our young in a competitive world.

    Participation trophies. It's okay to lose. As long as you try. Winning isn't everything. These are all things we do to our young involved in athletics and it's complete and utter bull. All we are doing is crippling them for a competitive and brutal world once they get older. When that same child gets rejected from a college, or from a job, or from a woman for marriage, are you going to tell him the same thing? It's okay? Here's your participation trophy? No, because in the real world there are no participation trophies. Quite frankly, in the real world nobody gives a damn how you feel. Now I am not saying we need to hammer win win win and punish our young when they don't. I'm simply saying we shouldn't praise being a loser. There is nothing positive about being a loser whether you "tried hard" or not. Even if you try hard and lose, guess what? You're still a loser. We need to help our children realize that the world goes on after you lose and doesn't care about you when you do. They only care if you are a winner. Again, it's not that I am saying you should punish a child for losing, but you absolutely should not tell them it's okay to lose, do you still want a prize.

  • Not At All

    Underage sports does not focus on winning to much. Most underage sports I have witness do a great job of balancing winning and sportsmanship in the game. To be honest, some sports leagues do not even keep score in some of the game. If anything, there should be more emphasis on winning.

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