Is the Food Security Bill a real burden on the fiscal deficit of India?

Asked by: Saeed
  • This bill was needed, it's here, deal with it.

    The Food Security Bill is only a burden on officials who are used to doing nothing to earn their pay and maintain their position. They resent it because they finally have to work for a living. This bill will help everyone get enough food to eat at a reasonable price, and there is absolutely no way a reasonable mind could be against this.

  • No, they can manage it.

    No, a Food Security Bill is not a real burden on the fiscal deficit of India, because India has plenty of money to pay for it, they just need to divert resources. India spends it money on other things. It has a healthy economy and it receives the tax dollars to fund it. India just has to make it a priority over other spending, such as sports or national defense.

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