• It was chosen 82 years ago...

    If the name was thought of two years ago the person who said it would have been laughed out or even fired out of the room. The name was chosen 82 years ago, but 82 years ago there was segregation and women were not aloud to vote. Now, i am aware that the name isn't forwarded directly to native americans but the name itself is associated with genecide and racism. I bet everyone of you that disagree with me 100 dollors that there would be more contreversey if a team was called blackskins... No a lot of people care about the native americans. Thats why 75% of you day keep the name.

  • Well people seem to be offended by it so yes.

    Do you want another culture to use you're culture as a mascot after they have taken your land and decimated your culture? No off course not you may have no involvement in what happened to native Americans but our country was built at a high cost to them we can at the very least not use and misrepresent their culture. Its a football team its name has changed before it can change again you can keep you're colors and players. But please ditch the offensive miss representation of a culture that has suffered while yours profited from that suffering. Just to put my opinion in perspective my father is a Redskins fan, I'm for the most part conservative and I'm from a town bordering a reservation with a high native American population I am far more familiar with native American culture than most Americans and the Redskins portray their culture inaccurately.

  • Change the Name

    The redskin name is offensive. Think about when the name was first used, colonist used it to refer to the Native Americans. They took everything from them like their land, because they felt privileged because they saw the Native American as savages. The name has been used for years by football teams however that does not erase the colonist expansion, tears and suffering that was brought on to the Native Americans who the colonists called redskins.

  • Redskin- a racial slur

    The term redskin was originally not intended as a slur. However, as early as the 1850's (which stretches farther back than anyone alive can remember), redskin started being used in the same way that "beaner" would be used today. It's derogatory. It is offensive. Just because a football team decided to use it for their name does not make it acceptable. And just because "most" people don't find it offensive does not mean it's not offensive. Native Americans do not have the same representation in the government that other ethnic groups have, therefore this remains an issue. If a team called itself "Blackskins," there would be hell to pay.

  • Honor or Discrimination: Mighty Redskin Warriors

    I believe this a very touchy subject but her goes my views on the matter. Many people (some Native Americans) feel that naming a team after a culture is offensive and rude. Consider the following, the New England Patriots are named after a specific kind of people (patriotic people), yet we are not rushing to change their name. Having a name like the Redskins shouldn't be viewed as offensive, in my eyes, but as an honor that the city and the team owner would name a football team after the might warriors of the America's.

  • Not offensive at all

    It's already official that there's only a minor percentage of native Americans who think that the name is offensive. So why change it just because a few people think that it should. We live in a democratic country. If the majority thinks that the name is fine, then it stays that way. Why are people today so offended by everything?

  • Because I Said So

    It is an honour to have their name known throughout the country. We live by majority rule, not consensus, if most people think its okay then we have to go by that. They should be happy we chose them, they were people who were first here so we are just honouring them

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  • People have to stop being so sensitive.

    If the term "Redskins" is offensive to Native Americans, then why aren't they complaining about other sports teams like the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Braves, and Florida State Seminoles? People get offended too easily these days. I do not see how "Redskins" is offensive in any way. After all, their skin is red. If we're going to remove the Redskins name, we might as well remove the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and Philadelphia Eagles because those animals must be offended that there is a sports team named after them

  • It is not slander of Native Americans

    The Washington Redskins should not have to change their name because of racism simply because it is not racist. The team has had the name since 1932 and is starting to receive heat just now. Now I do not believe it is because as the years have passed Native Americans have become more sensitive, but really we are caught in a time where people are arguing about old names and phrases on the basis of political correctness just to cause an uproar. A second reason this is occurring is to seek a settlement from the team since on average Native Americans average under 20,000 dollars a year for total income. I believe this issue is not because of a demoralizing name, but an attempt to seek legal action to receive a pension of money to help stimulate the tribes. Lastly I leave you with this. If the Native Americans find the name Washington Redskins so offensive, why did the Choctaw indians name Oklahoma, simply meaning “red people”? This issue is simply about money and attention rather than insensitive descriptions and racist names.

  • It's not to them

    When the National Annenberg Election Survey asked American Indians whether the name of the Washington "Redskins" was acceptable, only 9 percent of them found it offensive. The survey also asked subgroups including American Indian men/American Indian women, American Indian liberals/American Indian conservatives, American Indians with a college education/American Indians without a college education, and American Indian with certain incomes. Throughout all of the surveys, the percentages of American Indians that found it offensive never went over 12 percent. These surveys should tell us that American Indians do not find the name offensive enough to change the name of the NFL team. The name and mascots of all NFL teams are strong because who would want a weak mascot? If anything, the Redskins are being portrayed in a positive way, representing a strong team.

  • It is so not

    The redskins name is not offensive nor is mean. And if it is how come people are now starring to think this when it was the name for years. But still it's more of the fans then t is the them. People must see fans dressing up as them and blame the team. When they should blame the fans because the redskins fan over did it with makeup. But still there just supporting the team. It's like if your Mexican and a team was called the taco eaters and fans came dressed in dark makeup with sombrero's you would be offend at the fans. So i say just leave the redskins alone there name is fine. It's just the FANS.

  • To whom in particular?

    Considering a 2013 USA today poll said 79% of respondents said they should keep their name, and later a 2014 AP Poll said 83% agreed it's obvious to the mainstream American that Redskins isn't offensive. But then we must consider the Native Americans too, after all this does regard them more than us. A poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania supported a prior Sport's Illustrated poll's findings, concluding that 91% of the American Indians surveyed in the 48 states on the mainland USA found the name acceptable and setting out in detail the exact wording of the questions. Big deal

    Posted by: JDuB
  • No I think we read too much into it

    I think we are reading too much into the name Redskins. It is a football team and meant to be there for fun. No one is trying on a daily basis to poke fun at someone else or insult someone. I think the name is harmless. With that said if it really does offend that many people I also don't see the harm in changing it.

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obrienkr says2014-01-07T05:09:22.237
It would certainly be interesting,, and I think informative to all, if we could hear the opinions of some Native Americans. I would truly like to know if they think the team's nickname is offensive. Respectful, or a non-issue.