• Yes, it is awesome.

    It is awesome. How can you argue that it is too big. It is what it is, which is big, spacious, and comfortable for passengers. With the tow package, it pulls small RVs. We used a Flex to pull an RV across the US, including steep passes across the Northwest.

  • Its awesome, but one problem...

    It looks amazing, but it is HUGE!!!!!! That is a lot of gas it sucks up. Great for storage, and picking up family friends, going on a trip great for cargo. I will check in to it more, but I am going to leave it to you guys to do the REAL debating!

  • I have had bad luck with fords in general...

    They tend to have bad transmissions, poor on gas comparatively and that thing above is far from what I would call amazing looking. I've owned 3 different fords in my lifetime, and I hated them all. Never again will I get one unless they drastically change their entire business model. I will stay with the Japanese based companies, they know how to make vehicles that are an all around reliable machine.

  • Big ugly and uncomfortable

    We rented one in Vegas and drove to the Grand Canyon. Back hurts, butt hurts and wallet hurts. The nav system is horrendous. Well the entire front console is terribly frustrating. There is a lot of space, but that is its single redeeming quality. Avoid this terrible vehicle at all costs.

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