Is the four-team FBS playoff format sufficient to determine a national champion (yes) or should the playoffs be expanded to eight teams (no)?

Is the four-team FBS playoff format sufficient to determine a national champion (yes) or should the playoffs be expanded to eight teams (no)?
  • Four is enough because the regular season counts.

    The four-team FBS playoff format is sufficient to determine a national champion, because a four-team format puts more emphasis on the regular season. It would be unfair to crown a national champion that saved themselves through the regular season just to do well in the playoffs. Limiting the playoffs to four teams makes certain that all teams know they have to perform well in the regular season or be left out of the playoffs.

  • It Is Sufficient

    I believe the four-team FBS playoff format is sufficient to determine a national champion. However, if you expanded it to eight teams, it would be far more accurate. Of course, if you expanded it further, again the accuracy would climb. Given that, I think its best keep things simple and use the current system.

  • 4 Teams is almost too much.

    I think we got the right matcup, the BCS always scares people during the season but it always works out in the end just about right. Maybe all it needed was a change in the formula with more human input but I think a playoff system (even a four team one) is only going to be more controversial. Look at any of the last years standings....Lots of teams have cases to be #3, #4 in the country, not nearly as many have a case to be #1 or #2...

    Further, opening it to 8 would dilute the significance of every other bowl game for other bowl teams...Why should one school (especially those that get to the championship) get to play THREE revenue and profit generating games when another team, maybe one that finished #9 or close, only get 1 opportunity. Are we really going to let all the good teams year in and year out get more money and more profits for the their athletic programs? Because that all translates to better facilities, better access to resources (coaching, recruiting) and that is what fuels every program.
    Make the playoff picture any bigger and you can expect the same 8-12 teams being there every single year, give or take a few outliers here and there. It would change the entire landscape of college football which is not what we want to see. We want to see a clear champion, not a monopoly.

  • Keep the playoffs tight.

    I don't think that the FBS playoff format needs any reformation. It is easy to want to add more teams to the playoffs so as to hedge your bets against cutting out possible champions, but keeping the championship pool small means that they are high stake games--which is perfect for competition.

  • 4 teams a joke

    Gimme a break, all you have is a final 4, not a playoff. The FCS has a REAL playoff and a REAL champion proven on the field, not in some meeting room. We need at LEAST 8 teams and it really should be 16, then you would have a playoff, not this joke of a final 4

    Posted by: LMay
  • 16 Teams More Inclusive

    Take the ten conference champs, top six remaining and let current committe seed them. 4 weeks of games to crown champion. Every team playing FBS football now has a hypothetical chance of winning the title. That's no where close to being true under the current system. Every other NCAA sport has a tourney to crown a champion including the FCS, formerly 1-AA.

    It's time for the big boys to do the right thing and let the games decide the the champion, not a committee. A tournament eliminates the second guessing and judgemental committees. After all, this ain't gymnastics or figure skating.

  • Four is not Fair but the FBS does not treat Conferences and Schools Equally.

    With Power Conferences and Mid-Major Conferences called the Group of Five you cannot have a Fair and Equal Football Division.
    There is a Perfect Playoff Plan 16 team National Championship at
    No Committee, No Polls, No Computers, Just Wins Baby!
    The Regular Season is meaningless when your Conference is not allowed to send their Champion. Likewise padding your record with wins over Patsy teams from the FCS is worse.
    A new Major College Football Division with 10 Conferences of 10 teams each based on the Power 5 Conferences with the 30 included Mid-Major Teams divided among the 10 conferences will give every school a Fair chance and every Conference Equal Status, Strength and Status. And importantly every School will share in the money to field a strong team. Every School will get seen on TV and by the NFL scouts so kids can go to any of 100 teams they want and get an equal chance to improve and develop their skills and be considered by the NFL.

  • FBS 4 team playoff is a joke!!

    At the end of every football season there are multiple one or two loss teams that if given the opportunity would provide very entertaining post season matchups. At a minimum, the FBS playoff system should include the champion from each eligible conference with at large opportunities for conference runner ups and notable independents. The right to play for the championship must be determined on the field not by a committee. Let's leave politics to the politicians. Every level of football, except the FBS, has figured this out, it's not rocket science. Until the FBS playoff system is truly open to all eligible teams, any crowed champion will be a joke!!

  • Needs to be 16 teams

    10 conference champions with 6 wild cards. Seeding based on the ranking system. Highest seed always plays lowest seed. This gives every team a chance to compete, and rules out any (why should this team get in over that one). If a team cannot qualify in the top 16 then it does not deserve a shot. This will increase the competitive non-conference games that the "BCS" schools will play. Already several major conference schools have decided to toughen their non-conference schedules to give them a better shot at qualifying for the playoffs. 16 makes it fair.

  • Zero chance a 4 Team Playoff will result in an Undisputed National Champion.

    Every year the pre season polls (committee) is wrong and each week the same polls (committee) is wrong and must change their rankings.
    The is 0% chance that in a 4 team field chosen by people that don't watch every game of the top 30 teams can know which 4 will include the very best one team. Reason one - because the FBS is not built with euality in mind. Each team must be in a Conference that has equal status, equal size and equal strength of schedule for every team with every team in each Conference playing every other member. There is the Perfect Playoff Plan 16 at

  • No, it is not.

    A four team playoff for college football will actually create more problems than the previous format. There is likely to be a large amount of one loss teams that have a valid argument for the third or fourth slot. The only true way for it to be fair would be to extend the playoffs to the top 8 or 16 teams. It would be hard to make a case that you should be the national champion if you cannot get inside the top 16 by the end of the year.

  • It needs to be bigger

    It's a step forward from the ridiculous BCS system, but with only four teams, you're still not getting a playoff feel. To be fair, at eight people would want sixteen and so on, but eight would be a place I'd find peace with. At least we have the start of a playoff system now as opposed to voting for two teams that haven't played a game in a month to determine the champion.

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