• A real free market would be good

    However, the free market doesnt exist in the world we live in today. The market is manipulated and controlled by those with weapons, such as the u.S regime. You cant have a free market if the u.S regime is pointing thousands of war heads at every single country in the world. In that case, you either buy from the u.S, or those who the u.S regime approves of (ie japan, south korea), or you buy from no one. It doesnt leave you with much of a choice.

  • My Reply to RedMoonLight

    Anarcho-capitalism is corporatism? Perhaps you have seen to many Michael Moore documentaries. Corporates are backed up by the government, giving bailouts out to these giant firms to make sure they pay their taxes. Who profits from corporations? Government. Pure anarchy takes the tankers out of their tanks to ensure an even game. Free market would bring out the best out of businesses, the best service gets the most income, and I don't see what's wrong with that. Capitalism is anti-monopoly, a variety of businesses and diversity is always good for the economy. Our jobs are being exported to China because corporates are trying to reduce costs, in this case, price is the only justification of a good product, the quality is no longer a factor.

  • Small businesses are not competitors but retailers to big businesses.

    Competition does not exist in a free market because the big players dominate the entire industry not allowing small players to compete with them. The big bosses monopolize everything to the point that they alone dictate the price of a commodity without control of the government and concern with competition. Thus, free market is only controlled by big businesses.

  • It does not sustain itself

    If there was a market with a complete lack of regulations, then it would allow bigger companies to dominate it, thus limiting consumer choice and preventing new entrants. The free market is a paradox, much like a free society with no laws would allow the strong to harm the weak.

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