Is the freedom of expression the greatest form of hypocrisy today?

Asked by: federick
  • The application of the free speech and freedom concept in modern world has proved that it is only to serve the fundamentals of hypocrisy.

    When Julian Assange makes disclosures exposing global powers and their atrocious acts, he is termed a spy and deported from his own country. Same goes with the recent case of Edward Snowden. But when a film containing blasphemous content hurts the feeling of a religion followers all around the world, it is defended under the banner of free speech and freedom of expression. How can one even dare to justify this extreme form of contradictions.

  • Freedom of Expression exists and thus is not a hypocrisy. How society responses is another matter all together.

    We see examples of Freedom of Expression all the time, from religious beliefs to even this site. In some cases and certain areas there is simply less acceptance of the concept. Freedom of Expression is the human right to express your ideas, which is given in countries that accept it. If a man were to walk out on a street and say "I don't believe in god", it is not against the law, as long as he is not directly disturbing anyone. Whether the rest of the people on the street agree or not is only a response not supported by law.

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