Is the French ban on Muslim veils in public buildings justified?

  • Women in Islam are forced to hide

    It is dangerous to allow anyone to enter a building masked and/or covered. A man could just as easily hide under a veil and conceal his identity. I think veils that cover the face should be prohibited, but not the hijab (as strictly). I don't like seeing either, but if the woman wishes to wear it, she may. However, it says nowhere in the Quran that women are required to wear them, so I don't think they should wear hijab at all. It is a man-created idea to hide women and make them lower in society.

  • It is justified.

    The safety of the community here comes to be more important than one's own preference.
    The women should understand that the veil has been created by men in order to stress the inferiority of women. There is nothing wrong in showing your face and hair; the behavior is way more important. Women are not possessions of men and should freely appear in society unveiled and proud.

  • While rights to religious freedom ought to be granted to the greatest extent possible, the safety of the public supersedes religious freedom.

    The freedom to wear any given article of clothing and to express religious sentiments generally ranks high on the list of freedoms. But, concealing one's identity in public buildings poses a risk to the general public. A terrorist or criminal could easily disguise himself in a Muslim veil, so that he would not attract attention and, thereby, succeed in committing atrocities.

    Posted by: ButEasy
  • Yes, because the French ban on Muslim veils is good for the freedom and dignity of women.

    The Muslim practice of forcing women to keep covered in public is archaic and patriarchal. It is demeaning to women and further enforces a gender hierarchy that is not positive for anyone. Women are not property, no matter what Mohammad says. And they should not be treated like the property of their families or husbands.

    Posted by: M0r3Fire
  • The French ban on Muslim veils in public buildings is not justified, because it is an infringement on freedom of religion and expression.

    Legally prohibiting Muslims from following tenets of their faith that do not negatively impact others is a needless infringement on their human rights. Furthermore, unless such rules are applied across the board to members of other faiths who are required to wear clothing that obscures some identifying characteristics, such as Sikhs, turbans, veils or robes, then it is clearly applying the law unequally, with the intent of oppressing a minority.

    Posted by: UriahDoom
  • The ban on veils in public buildings is justified due to security concerns.

    When security personnel can not easily identify an individual entering a public building there is an increased risk of some type of attack. Further, veils and other obscuring garments can be used to hide weapons. Also, France has suffered great unrest from amongst its Muslim population and is justified in taking extra precautions to preserve its safety from extremists.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • The needs of security override religious needs.

    In today's suspicious world, prompt, accurate identification is necessary. Religious preferences in dress must give way to this overriding need to avoid misunderstandings and potential danger. All faiths change over time, and there is no compelling reason for this particular requirement.

    Posted by: laceymarya
  • It is necessary to be able to see a person's face to identify them.

    In public buildings such as schools and government offices, it is often necessary to be able to identify a person. If someone is always wearing a veil, it would be impossible to tell who that person is. Teachers have to identify their students, and government officials need to be able to identify a person who is applying for a passport or drivers license, for example. I think the ban on veils in public buildings is reasonable.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • Yes I believe the French have the right idea.

    Do we not in the United States have laws that state you can't wear a hat or something that covers your face into a building such as a bank? The reason they say that you can't do that is founded on the fact that if you do then no one can tell who you are. It is the same here with the French they just want to know who is in their presence.

    Posted by: lacedjeans
  • The French ban on Muslim veils is justified to prevent crime.

    The French ban on Muslim veils in public buildings is justified in order to protect public safety, it is not an attempt to discriminate against Muslims. An individual with bad intent could simply dress in Muslim garb and commit a crime and remain unidentified, and the Muslim community would be the target of ill feelings by the general public.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • The veil is like clothing to the Muslims

    The hijab is like a main article of clothing to the Muslims. For example, the buddhists' shaving their heads is a religious symbol to them. Since all the religious symbols are banned in France, the buddhist must grow their hair back or else they cannot live in France. If there is a cold day, the people can cover their faces and their head but the muslims still can't wear their hijab.

  • Invasion of personal rights

    It seems that the ban is mostly focused on a certain group of people. There is alot of anti-Muslim hate going around and this is just one of the ways to isolate them and have them give up their rights so others can feel safer? What next ban on the language as well?

  • Are hoodies illegal?

    If I'm cold, are you saying covering my hair is a crime? This is just another example of French bigotry plain and simple. If they were actually concerned about women they would have asked women who wear it what they think. Instead they spewed orientalist nonsense based on ignorant assumptions from an outdated colonial mindset.

  • Violation of Liberty of Religion

    Secularism doesn't require a violation of the fundamental rights of individuals. See art. 18 of the Convention on social and political rights. And art. 9 of the Europeen Convention of Human rights. This violation is also against the non-discrimination principe as it affects directly muslim womens. Discrimination on gender and race.

  • What happened to freedom of rights

    I think this is completely out of order, what happened to a persons freedom of rights. You would ask a person of the catholic church to remove there cross would you. Well this is just there sign of there religion, the way they were brought up. You take this from them your taking away there rights and beliefs. My family grew up around people of all religions and I believe that each religion has there own rights, weather its to pray 5 times aday, or to eat meat that's been prepared differently to other food, weather you wear a cross or a Vail or anything else that's the beliefs of your religion. Just because they wear a Vail does not make them out to be the bad guy, there are more things in this world people should be thinking about, like the wars that are going on all over and not just the ones in other countries that we are fighting for but the ones right here on are doorsteps, people fighting and killing eachother and why because there are to many drugs and knives and firearms out there. We should be working on stopping these things rather than who can wear what, were and how.

  • Those preventive actions are too mainstream.

    When it comes to safety and security, it is second to none for the government to turn their blind eye on the issue. Veils should not be a major problem that could intervene with the safety and security procedures regardless of places it will be executed.
    Since this issue somehow has given difficulties towards those muslim women there, French government need to revise their security standard and how the execute it without. They could implement the new procedures taken by certain countries, which to allow veils to be worn at every time, but at certain points they need to take it off, just for the moment for security clearance. Even though it sounds simple and yet not the most popular choice for the authorities, the effectiveness comes with lifetime warranty.
    Sure enough most of the people would question how this could be implement EFFECTIVELY since the security procedures in public building is not as tighten as those in the airports. It sounds near to impossible for everybody. However most of the countries nowadays especially after 9/11 have split the intelligence division into two which is for domestic crimes and anti-terrorist division, the workload somehow has been reduced and simplified. These two division need to carry out intensive exercise on each and every case, identify possible threats, target as well as the motive and objective of the threats given to the public and challenge to the authorities.
    The intelligence and armed forces need to understand how, why, where and when the threats could be posed, by then they could execute certain radical preventive actions without offending anybody. Just because the veils could make something vital hidden, doesn’t necessarily banning it will solve the whole problems. The action taken nowadays is too mainstream and predictable. Try to add more fun in it.

  • The ban is not justified.

    A piece of clothing is harmless and people shouldn’t make a big deal of it. The feminists who relate this matter with oppression are mostly just assuming that those women were being oppress by men. Hence, they should just mind their on business. If you want to relate to oppression, the feminists got it wrong. It wasn’t an oppression on women, it’s an oppression on other culture/religion. This ban shows that the french is against anyone who isn’t like them. If everyone should behave and act the same way as everybody else, France will be a very dull country.

  • Political Manipulation and Prejudice

    It is truly rational when the French ban on Muslims veils due to security reason of their country because each person’s identity is hard to be traced if he or she is wearing either a mask or a veil to cover the face. However, this banning regulation seems contradicted to French culture when France has long championed free speech and freedom of religion. The French is also has been one of the most secure country in the world as in 2002, parliament passed a bill that allocated $5.6 billion for the period 2003-2007 to hire 7,000 more gendarmes and 6,500 more police for localities. In 2003 the government allocated 52 million euros (approximately $65 million) through 2008 to programs to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. By one estimate, France spends approximately one percent of its GDP on public order and safety, a figure that would have reached approximately $18 billion in 2001. With such high level of security, it is not logical that the French should ban on Muslims veils based on security reason to counter terrorism. The banning is a prejudice attack towards Muslims because if it is solely for security reason, why face surgery is not banned in French instead of Muslims veils?

  • There should be alternatives.

    I do not think that it is justified because the government should think of ways or alternatives to minimize the possibility of unsavory acts. Such as, women with veils should show their faces for identification in a private room and then put the veils back on. Wearing veils is not a crime. It is a choice.

  • Don't simply just ban, listen to their intention of why they are wearing the veil

    Personally, I think the issue of wearing a veil in public building should be taken so much in consideration. If let say that the government is doing so just to protect everyone and for the sake of security and to prevent crime, what about those who disguises themselves by wearing a fake hair or glasses? Should those be banned as well? The government should give a free right for the Muslim women to continue wearing it and study the intention of wearing the veil. Yes, it is not stated in the Quran that it is compulsory to wear a veil because the only part of the body that should only be portrayed are the palm of your hand and your face, but the world nowadays isn’t any safer. A veil can be a protection to the women from attracting the man, or to the avoid bad weather such as haze or many more reason. Thus, the French government must hear the side story of why they wear the veil, what’s their purpose of doing so. Not all the Muslims countries are forced to wear a veil. Thus, the French could not just simply say that the Muslim women wearing a veil because they are forced to do so. That is just simply stereotyping. If France is truly a democratic country, the citizens especially the Muslims, should have the right to voice out their opinion and fight for their rights, right? This is what we call freedom.

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