• An economy based on hotels and casinos and not diversified makes the future look bleak for Atlantic City.

    Yes, the future of Atlantic looks uncertain as a great number of its tourists attractions are closing. This was to be foreseen as the economy of Atlantic City is not diversified enough and is based on fragile businesses. The hotels and casinos have reached a business saturation point as there is too much competition among them and the novelty is gone.

  • Atlantic City Future Is Seriously Hit

    Atlantic City future is seriously hit by the casino sector contraction. Casino resorts oversupply and decreasing number of gamblers are amongst the top reasons leading to casinos bankruptcies and decreasing city revenues from gambling. On top of that the growing unemployment rate impacts negatively work force and their families and outcries for tough measures swiftly.

  • No the future of Atlantic City is not looking bleak.

    Actually the future of Atlantic City is anything but bleak. The recent casino closures were the result of the fact that city was overbuilt, too many casinos for the available number of players. Now that the gaming industry in Atlantic City has 'right sized' itself everyone can make a profit.

  • No, Atlantic City will be fine.

    In all likelihood, Atlantic City will wind up fine. The future doesn't look too bleak for the city, and there's tons of room for improveme. The city should start developing more real estate, both commercial and residential, in order to draw more people to the area. Making the environment more friendly for businesses would improve things, too.

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