• Yes it is

    Yes the future of antitrust law is more of a societal consideration than an economic one in more ways than we know. It will regulate the economic regulations plus it will bring surplus and demand back into appropriate ranges. As when they are producing more than the consumer wants it less.

  • We have priorities.

    Yes, the future of antitrust law is more of a societal consideration than an economic, one, because people now have different priorities than they used to have. People today want to make sure that small business owners stay in business. They want to make sure that they have the option to buy local if they want to.

  • The fight has to be fair.

    Antitrust law will always be an economic issue first. Whenever possible business's,large or small,should be given a chance to succeed. Society has always,and will always,view a monopoly in the business arena as inherently a bad idea.Which it is. Certain corporations have succeeded in creating a type of store that eradicates the opportunity for another type of store to exist. Unfortunately, the dominating forces in the legal system,at this time, allow this situation to exist.

  • Aren't Being Used

    I do not believe the future of antitrust laws are more of a societal consideration rather than an economic one. Antitrust laws will always be connected to the economy. It is a shame that American corporations and possibly others around the world are allowed to merge and form monopolies when it shouldn't be allowed to happen. In the end the lack of attention to these matters harms the economy and it harm the people in it. So, antitrust laws can have a societal impact as well.

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