Is the future of business tablets (no) or smartphones (yes)?

  • You're Going To See Both

    I believe business will be both involved with tables and smart phones. I believe the common person can see the viability of both of these pieces of electronics and there's no reason to believe one will be left behind. I think businesses are finding innovative ways to utilize tablets, but that doesn't mean they'll give up their phones.

  • Tablets are the future of business.

    Tablets are the next big thing in computing. It is clear that the market share of tablets is growing, while other devices are becoming less popular. Tablets are versatile and practical. They are more useful than smart phones becasue they can be used for real computing needs such as text and movies.

  • Smartphones are the future of business

    At the end of the day, the smartphone is more useful than a tablet. An iPhone or Android phone can do pretty much everything a tablet can do, but you can easily carry it in your pocket or handbag. They are smaller and lighter and have the added advantage that you can also telephone people.

  • Tablets can do everything a smart phone do but better

    Each device currently holds a valuable spot in the world of business, but overall tablets will be the future. Tablet computers can run all of the same programs and apps that a smartphone can, but the larger display is easier to use. The larger size of tablet computers allows for more processing power, allowing the user to run the heavier business software that a smartphone can't.

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