Is the future of energy nuclear (yes) or solar (no)?

  • Thorium LFTR reactors are needed now.

    I am a mechanical PE and spent most of my career in power generation. I also have a 12.5 KW solar array on my house. Last year it only provided 12% of its nameplate rating. So where do I put the other 7 arrays and batteries for backup? The world would run out of lithium for batteries in no time. It will never run out of thorium for power.

  • But using Thorium

    Learn about Thorium. Using Thorium is safer. It gets rid of the risk of a dangerous catastrophic meltdown. We should be expanding the use of Thorium, and using it for all of our nuclear power needs. It is much safer than uranium and solar is just too weak and doesn't work whenever the sun stops shining.

  • Yes, especially once thorium is used.

    Nuclear power is the cleanest and by far the most efficient form of energy production. It is also very safe, much safer than a traditional coal power plant. Also, new technology is being developed that will use thorium to generate nuclear power. Using thorium instead of uranium eliminates the risk of any type of nuclear disasters.

  • Nuclear is an advanced technology that should be utilized.

    Although solar is an appealing idea, in practice, it has not been able to prove itself. Solar is too reliant on geography and weather, and is a more vulnerable energy source. It also requires vast amounts of land, which has led to the damage of some ecosystems. Nuclear is a safe technology when appropriately constructed and maintained, and there are new uses and ways of dealing with the waste being developed.

  • Panels in Space!

    Nuclear energy is very efficient, but should be focused on as a secondary power source until it can be viewed as 'safe' by the public. This means little to no risk of a meltdown even if the water stops working and there is a fire in the electrical room. If this were the case, I would be on the other side. But, until that moment, humanity should focus on solar power, if not fusion. The Sun shines through the clouds, unless these clouds are supercell-type cumulonimbus clouds. It just doesn't shine as much. And, that being said, if we place solar panels in orbit around Earth, they could be put on a ball-joint platform and always face the Sun, then have energy be sent down to Earth. We could have a giant inter-connecting space staton that would provide infinite power even if Earth was encompassed in a volcanic winter.

  • The future of energy is solar because nuclear power is too risky.

    Nuclear energy is an amazing technology with horrifying flaws. Mainly the nuclear waste, which is toxic, dangerous, difficult to contain, and if not properly maintained can hurt hundreds of thousands of people. It was a leap forward, but now it's time for other, less risky, technology. I believe that solar, wind, hydroelectric and even coal are safer alternatives.

  • I would bet on solar.

    Solar energy just sounds safer. Sure, you have to depend on the weather and the position of the sun, but when the sun isn't cooperating, it makes sense to spend more family time with the children. We can have solar panels put on our cars and then when the sun goes down, it's time to go home.

  • Solar makes more sense.

    Because solar energy makes more sense, it seems that the future of energy would be solar. Solar is more accessible and less dangerous to the environment, so it makes the most sense, but things that make sense aren't always those that win out. Nuclear energy carries dangers, and I would hope that the future of our country and the world would focus more on solar. I'm an optimist, though.

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