Is the future of wine outside the bottle (i.e. in cans, kegs, cartons, etc.)?

  • yea sure is!

    I buy all of my wine in a bag! I think the bottle sucks because once you pop it, you have to drink the whole bottle if it was corked. That really sucks if you just wanted one glass. Then you look like a wino because you drank an entire bottle.

  • Wine bottles are classic, but they will have to share the spotlight with other packaging.

    Bottled wine will never be without a market. Though boxes, cans and kegs offer more efficient and affordable packaging options, the wine bottle is the classic conveyance for fermented grapes and it will always be the preferred packaging for true connoisseurs. However, more and more shelf space is being reserved for other packaging methods and that shift is not going away any time soon.

  • No, what stays in bottle will always stay in bottle.

    Wine has always been treated as the most social drink of all. Wine looks more subtle and classier in a bottle rather than can, kegs and cartons.In some cases, wines are fermented in the bottles.Wines are presented as a gift in a bottle rather than kegs, and cans. Therefore it is certain that wine holds its future on bottle.

  • Wine belongs in a bottle

    Any wine lover would agree that wine belongs in a bottle. To place wine in anything but a bottle, especially cans, kegs or cartons, will degrade the wine in its quality and in the experience of drinking it. Some things should just be left as they are and wine in a bottle is one of them.

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