Is the gaming industry staring to rip us gamers off?

Asked by: Smartpyro90
  • They sure are

    You pay £50 plus for a game and play for a while to find that if you want to complete it, you need to spend another £50 on the downloadable content, so in essence, you are paying £50 for half the game, and it's not as if you get any extra goodies either, it also makes achieving 100% game completion a pain in the proverbial, the amount games cost these days, you should get 100% of it, DLC should be for fixing glitches and the like, not for ripping off gamers! !!

  • OMG yes they are

    This is very bad, every video game company is starting to make the original price go up and this is stupid. I think they need to see what people are saying about this because they need to make their games come around to where people will buy it not walk by it

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