• The Gang of 8's Immigration bill provides an important path to citizenship

    The Gang of 8's immigration bill provides several benefits. It provides a path to citizenship if certain border security improvements are made. Also, it reforms business immigration and visa options for agricultural and other low-skill workers. Finally, it provides expanded and improved employment verification. It's not a perfect bill, but it is worth considering and building on.

  • Yes, the bill is.

    A bill to help immigrants is what this country needs right now. There are to many children born/brought here without knowing they weren't from the United States. Would it not be unjust to not allow them to stay? It's also very good that work visas will be improved as well with them being improved for low-skilled workers.

  • No not really.

    There are some things in the Gang of 8's immigration bill I would consider, but most of it can be upsetting to the Americans who had to actually go through a lot to get here from another country. I feel like we do need to work on the legal way to get here and make it easier and less ridiculous, but I think anyone who came here illegally should still be punished for doing so. They did break the law.

  • No, Gang of 8's is too flawed

    When I first hear of this immigration bill, I thought that it sounded decent and like it may be a temporary fix. But looking farther, you see how much it costs the tax payers, that there's too much amnesty granted, and there's too many flaws in the bill in general.

  • It is not simple enough.

    No, the Gang of 8's immigration bill is not even worth considering, because people want more from their Congressman than a tacky marketing campaign called the gang of 8. In order for immigration to be successful, each Congressman has to let go of the fact that they want to be the one to claim its success.

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