Is the gap between the rich and the poor too big?

  • At the monent is clear the gap is tooo big.

    When 8 people own as much as much as 50% of the worlds poorest population. Or when 1% own as much as 99% of the world. Can anyone in theyre right mind say the gap is not too big.If this gap continues to increase, as it is doing at the monent, it will eventually cause wide spread unreasts and even war.

  • I want to say yes

    There is not the slightest doubt that the gap is too big ! Indeed, to my mind it is not normal that one man earn more that ten or more persons. Ok people who earn a lot of money have deserves it but the rich are able to send their children to study in good university and this is again an inequality for the poorest who don't afford it.

  • Yes, the gap between rich and poor is too big

    The gap is too big because it is hindering the advancement of people who want to pursue opportunities but cannot afford to do so and do not have other financial supports. Only those with money are able to materialize their ideas,which only creates more wealth for them and an increasing wealth gap.

  • Gap between the rich and poor

    I do believe that the gap between rich or poor is too big there are not the many middle class people anymore because of the horrible economy , you are seeing more and more people going into file the bankcruptcy to get themselves back up and running to survive in the world

  • Yes It Is

    I believe the gap between the rich and the poor is too big. I believe this is one of the major problems with our economy and it's not going to get fixed by promoting stimulus's. I believe this has essentially led to a small fraction of people holding the rest of the US hostage, given that they can't afford to live on their measly salaries.

  • The Gap is not bad

    The gap between the rich and the poor is not harmful. There will always be very rich people and we need these people to start companies and employee people to run their businesses. It would be best for low wage earnings to work hard and work their way up the ladder.

  • The gap that needs to be fixes is oppportunity, not income.

    If a person makes a computer that enriches the lives of every person by $1000 and they are enriched by $10,000,000,00, no one is worse off. A society which rewards those who provide the most benefit to the population at large is one that is richer than a society which punishes those providing the most benefit to the largest amount in order to reward and make equal those whose contributions are not as universally used.

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