• Close to over.

    It's not necessarily over yet. But, I will say that now a majority of people support same sex marriage. So, the country has moved on and we have decided that everyone should have equal rights, no matter their sexual preference. The Christian right will also get over it, as they will find out that it doesn't change their religious definition of marriage. Christians will still be able to marry inside of churches and that won't change with the legalization of gay marriage. But, overall, yes, it is over and equality has conquered.

  • The Gay Marriage Fight is Far From Over

    Not even close to over. The political ramifications will echo far into the future, and the ethical and moral side to the debate will ring even louder now that the subject has been brought to the forefront. So much for being “in the closet”. Whereas the constitutional basis for the recognition of same-sex marriages does exist, that will never calm the storm of outcry from the moral majority on what is actually ethically the most beneficial stance for our country. The issue will ring loud and clear from the pulpits of our nation’s churches for months to come. The gay marriage issue is just getting started.

  • No, the gay marriage fight is not over.

    As long as there are bigots in this world, the fight will never be over. People say it is the religions, but it is the people behind the religion. God said love thy neighbor. He didn't say love thy neighbor as long as he is straight. People have the right, or they should have the right, to love whomever they want.

  • No, it will continue as long as there is the religious wing that cannot accept different kinds of love.

    Unfortunately, this will be going on for a long time to come. Not all that long ago, it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry. So I do believe that gays will eventually have the right to marry in all 50 states, but it will take a while to pass. As long as religious people continue to judge them (which they claim only God does, but their actions do not show that), there will be a battle.

  • No, it will not be over until couples in partnerships feel they have equal rights.

    It will not be over until everyone has the right to get married. Consider there are couples who have been domestic partners for years, sharing responsibility for their households and communities, yet they are not considered equal as far as taxes, health insurance, etc. Go. As long as their are barriers to block these households from being treated equally, the fight will not be over.

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