Is the gay rights struggle the same as the Civil Rights struggle for Blacks?

Asked by: GHLII
  • Yes, mostly the same.

    There is no "inherent" worth. It's always in the eye of the beholder. There is no proof of a God or gods, and it always comes down to what people think.

    Yes, we can say the issues of sex and gender apply to the homosexual marriage debate, and that it's different than for black civil rights. It's the same as saying that skin color applies to the black civil rights struggle, and that it's different from the LGBT issues.

    In the end, both cases have to do with prejudices going back thousands of years. In the U.S., the effects, especially the law-sanctioned effects of those prejudices, are dropping away. The civil rights movement began earlier, and occupied a longer period of time. (The argument can be made that it's still ongoing.) The issue of gay rights and the LGBT community came later, but change occurred faster - ten years ago, how many people would have thought that in 2015, we'd be where we are, there?

  • Omg no! Are you insane?

    What about being told you can't get married (which let's be honest, these days seems to be seen as a growing nuisance people avoid anyway) is equivocal to slavery, segregation, lynchings, hangings, and overall being treated like the scum of the Earth? I mean most places weren't near as bad as some of the Southern states but there is NO comparison. I don't like how people sit around today trying to claim the nation is racist and I push back on those guys a LOT. But trying to compare inability to be married to what Blacks went through is ludicrous, the suggestion of such is truly infuriating.

  • No they are inherently different...

    The Black Civil Rights struggle was (is) about the inherent, God given worth of a human being. The struggle was and is about white supremacy and the tenets that perpetuate it. Black Civil Rights are concerned with the socio-economic development of an entire ethnic group that has historically been oppressed by the dominant social group.

    In my opinion, Gay rights revolve around sex. Without sex as an issue, there is no debate, argument or discourse surrounding it. The LGBT community has successfully gained the favor of the Supreme court such that it has sanctioned homosexual sex. Face it, without the issue of sex, the LGBT community is null.

    There is no comparison between the way Humans have sex and the historical, systemic oppression of a group of people . The comparison needs to stop.

  • Gays are favored today, blacks were segregated and lynched. It's outright disrespectful to blacks to say that it is the same

    For years blacks were forced into slavery and then years of Jim Crow and yet more years of separate but equal. As for gays, they are full fledged members of the society. They can do everything the want to and are favored by the public. If someone finds out that your gay everyone wants to be your best friend.

  • Definitely Not True

    The African-Americans have suffered a lot more than homosexuals. They endured getting hosed down, slavery, being whipped, beaten, hanged, discriminated, shot, stabbed, kidnapped, raped, insulted...People who supported African-Americans also faced the same fate. I support gay marriage and all, but I highly disagree with such a thing. Overall blacks have suffered far more oppression than those of gay rights.

    Posted by: KNB
  • They should not be compared.

    Gay rights broadly and loosely put includes marriage, and the removal of discrimination. Black rights was the right to life, the right to vote, the right to education......I hope you see where i am going with this. The struggle of black civil rights is of the magnitude of the holocaust, in terms of casualties. For years blacks subjected themselves to lynchings, baseball bats, and other deadly items. IF we take a look at the black civil rights leaders most prominent in my opinion being Dr. Martin Luther king, he himself was killed and his killer NEVER caught. This man advocated for peaceful protest and gave intelligent arguments. When we look at this "struggle" of gays. Their main struggle was against themselves. Few took their own lives as oppose to live with it. Some were killed by others but this number is so few as compared to the blacks who died fighting for their cause. In conclusion gay rights is miles away from black civil rights because
    A.Black struggle lasted longer.
    B. Black struggle fought for more.
    C. Black struggle endured more.

  • Complete disrespect towards the past African Americans!

    How can we compare gay rights to Civil rights?! This completely outrageous! Blacks went through decades of slavery because they were a different color, fought in a brutal Civil war, lived with the Jim Crow Law, lynched, and attacked for no complete reason. What have people done against homosexuals that takes away they're rights as a civilian?! Nothing, that's what. There is no struggle within gay rights. Even today, African Americans get treated like trash( not including BLM). When you can show my gay people getting lynched, hosed down, attacked by police, have their churches burned down, fight a Civil war, etc, then maybe, just maybe we can have a debate that makes sense

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