Is the Gender Wage Gap Real (Yes) or Just a myth (No)

Asked by: MyNameIsSean
  • Generally, Yes there is

    As of 2014, statistics show that the wage gap does, in fact, exist. While most people refuse to believe it, the wage gap hasn't budged in quite a while. Typically, women of color have it worse; the average Hispanic or Latino women tend to be paid a whopping $33,634 less than the average Asian-American man.
    Graph to look at:http://www.Aauw.Org/research/the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/
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  • There's more beneath the surface

    I would recommend looking up sargonofakkad he does an explanation of this very well and informs you of the facts and sights his info. There's more to is then just "gender". There's also time spent on vacation, how long they work, how often they are out on sick days and a few other things.

  • It is just a myth

    It isn't caused by discrimination, patriarchal conspiracies or any other BS that third wave feminists wanna complain about, it is caused by the choices that women make when it comes down to selecting jobs. I'm not saying that workplace discrimination isn't a big deal, but if a woman who works in a profession that she's chosen that pays less on average, then she will earn less money than a man who's in a more high paying job who works for more hours. I mean it's probably a wise move because they'd be under a lot less stress, but women who work in the same job as men with the same work get paid exactly the same amount of money as the man.

  • It is a myth

    It has been proven in sociology that feminists alter their research. It is not true that women get less money than men. What really counts is what job a person has, that goes for any gender. If a person has a mimimum wage, they are going to get minimum pay. Simple as that.

  • I actually did a little research on this.

    I can't say for 100%, but I did a little research on this:
    The "wage gap" is not a patriarchal plot, it's mostly due to the choices that women make in life. I mention how there are a million factors like degrees, how long you've worked for the company, and (what I think is the most important one) maternity leave. Companies want to be as efficient as possible, but if you need to leave because you want a child, that is reflected in your paycheck (sorry to say, but you made that choice yourself.)

  • Its a myth

    Put together by third wave feminists who want to be victims. Men are more likely to ask for raises and work over time than women. Men taker shorter vacations and dont take off time as much. That's the truth. Third wave feminism is built on the idea that women are still oppressed when we aren't

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