Is the general public aware of the danger facing Israel?

  • Yes, I believe the general public is aware of the dangers facing Israel because of them media.

    Almost the entire world own televisions and in most countries have free access to news. Also information technology has made it possible to find out current events almost to the second its happening.
    Smart phones such as Android and Windows all offer applications for news and media. Often in "real time".

    Television has always aired news companies like CNN, NBC, and CBS air international news frequently.

  • Nope, Not at all

    I would say that the general American populous has no idea what Israelis face day to day. Even i don't know the full extent of it. I do Know however that they live in constant fear of attack. I cannot imagine Living like that. But I think that our armed service members have a good idea of what they go through, at least for a short term on combat tours.

  • No They Are Not

    The majority of people do not follow international news closely. The are aware of things in their state and community for the most part. Unless its huge news, the general public probably is not aware. I think most are more preoccupied with the ups and downs of their day and do to have time to be aware, or in some cases do not care about what is happening in Israel.

  • No

    The general public is not aware of the danger facing Israel. As a member of the general public I believe this to be true. I am a rather informed individual and I watch the news at work all day and I have no idea what's really going on in Israel, nor do I care to. The world is full of problems, people have kind of stopped paying attention to the ones that don't necessarily affect them personally.

  • No, the general public are not aware of the danger facing Israel

    The general public are not aware of the danger facing Israel because geographically, Israel is in a very dangerous situation. The country is surrounded by Muslim countries, and religiously, they all want to take back Israel's land. As a result, it is very important for the U.S. to continue the protection of Israel to make sure it is safe.

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