Is the George Carlin syndrome alive and well?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Oh my God

    I was talking to someone about "Seinfeld" and they were like "That show is PG rated." What? Are people that dumb in the head. No there are R-rated moments on the show. Now not every episode is R-rated, but "Seinfeld" got away with things they normally would not be allowed to get away with on TV. I mean who doesn't know this?

  • George Carlin Syndrome Still Present

    Without a doubt, the George Carlin Syndrome is alive and well in the United States. People are cynical about everything these days. They're far more like to distrust authority than trust it, and this follows the basic principles of George Carlin Syndrome, which is named after the famous but deceased comedian.

  • Carlin gave us new ways to think

    From the time he first appeared on the Johnny Carson show with as Al Sleet, the hippy-dippy weatherman, George Carlin etched his way into our hearts, minds, and culture with his one-of-a-kind style. YouTube videos chronicle nearly every year of Carlin's fifty-year reign as a comedy genius. His unique viewpoint, philosophical insight, and rapid fire presentation make him an unforgettable icon who left the gift of everlasting humor to all of mankind.

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zoinks says2013-12-24T15:42:38.060
I don't even know what this question is about. "George Carlin syndrome"? I looked it up and can't find anything. The question is confusing.