• Global Climate Change Caused By Us

    Without a doubt, we have caused global climate change and need to reverse the trend. Our releasing of greenhouse gases has gone beyond what the Earth is able to fix on its own. We need to reverse our habits and focus upon environmentally friendly solutions to avoid future problems and issues.

  • Yes, in large part.

    Since the industrial revolution and the invention of the auto, we as humans have been spewing all sorts of gases and toxins into the air. It would be ignorant, or maybe just plain greedy, to try to say that none of this is affecting the atmosphere or the climate, because it is.

  • Yes,global climate change is man made.

    Yes,global climate change is man made.This is easily argued because of the high rate of change.If it was something that was caused by the sun or some other natural event then it would be at a much lower.Some of the man-made causes include higher rates of consumption of beef as well as higher use of gasoline powered cars.

  • Yes it is

    Some climate change factors are just part of how our world changes, like previous ice ages and periods of warning. However, how rapid out climate is currently changing has to be due to man made factors such as green house gas emissions and other man made factors. It is our fault.

  • The arguments are clear.

    While the people who believe is man made will give scientific arguments, the people who doesnt believe will give armunents about religion and politics.
    I think this debate is done, waiting for a reasonable scientifi agument that it isnt a mad made thing, but all i find is stupid arguments implying that its a cycle, but it doesnt explain anything, it just says that it happens every x years

  • For over a hundred years we have been blessed with the gift of useable energy.

    Seriously, the majority of all electrical energy generated in the history of the human race is the product of a reaction that typically yields a majority of carbon dioxide by mass and volume of total resultant product. Think about it, for every lightbulb, industrial motor, electric stove, microwave etc... Ever turned on, there was a little carbon dioxide thrown into the atmosphere. To me this alone is scary, but add in the fact that there is roughly 45% even more total CO2 in our atmosphere from the automotive industry. Knowing this, it is beyond me why it is so unfeasible to consider that perhaps all of the undoubtedly heating CO2 has caused a small but gigantically significant composition shift in our atmosphere as to increase the Earth's greenhouse effect. I don't know where some people get there information, but it is often all too clear that some people either don't know what a good source is, or they have no interest in the validity of the information as long as it backs up what they already argued to other people. CO2 levels are rising. The average global temperature is rising, even is some areas are getting colder. It is much less irritating to me when people at least acknowledge the average temperature is heating up but may say that it is not necessarily mankind's fault than saying "scientists are now saying the Earth is cooling, they must have their thumbs up their bum all day" or something to the accord. At least then they aren't denying irrefutable evidence. I was going to further elaborate on the statistical correlation between CO2 composition shift and mean global temperature, but I'm starting to get irritated with typing on a touchpad so I'll let it up to you to find some unreliable source and quote some incompetent or out of context passage that might suggest otherwise. Unless that is of course you agree with me, in that case, cool.

  • 97% of scientists

    "Scientists have known about global warming for decades" and the "conclusion reached by 97 percent of top climate scientists and every major National Academy of Science in the world" is global warming is real. The green house gas effect is proven to be caused by climate change and this effect heats our environment -

  • No, we can't control nature.

    No, global climate change is not man made, because man is not so powerful that they can literally control the world. The world is big. Man is small. There is nothing that humans could do to literally alter the way that the world turns. Global climate change is invented by people who want to control industrialism.

  • Climate change is older than man

    The global climate change is not man-made but it may be influenced and accelerated by man. There is plenty of evidence to show that our planet has been going through temperature change cycles even before there was life on the planet. The current trend of warming was totally expected but it is on the faster side of the rate we expected it to change even though it is still within the expected range.

  • Climate Change is Cyclical

    Global climate change is not man-made, nor does the phenomenon really exist. After decade of talking about global warming, scientists now claim that global cooling is occurred. Global cooling is no more the fault of people than global warming. This is a myth, generated to cause taxpayers to invest billions of dollars in protecting their environment.

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