Is the global warming debate more about politics than science?

  • There is no longer data supporting the theory

    The theory of global warming has been disproved! The only reason that "global warming" is still being debated is due to the great amount of attention the government has placed upon the issue. The amount of money being made is enormous yet the amount is for a theory that is already scientifically proven false... Where is the money then going? To the government.

  • Science reached its verdict long ago

    At this point in time, debating global warming is basically the same as "debating" evolution. It's something that has demonstrably happened in the past, is observably happening right now, and will continue to happen on into the future. Those are the facts which the scientific research has uncovered for us.

    The only place where there's any debate is in the political/economic sphere, where you have people who are willing to turn a blind eye to science when it serves them either politically (in terms of getting votes in the next election) or economically (either because they earn gobs of money off of fossil fuels or because they feel that doing anything substantial about global warming would be too costly).

  • It's all about anti-corporatism.

    Whether global warming is true or not true, it is most certainly more about politics than science. A lot of times, people who go to global warming gatherings are anti-corporate and rarely know the science behind our increasing temperature. Since factories pollute a lot, it's easy to point fingers at capitalism and turn the focus from preventing a global disaster to stopping monopolies and corporatism.

  • No. It's about oil money

    Oil people have been in the way of ANYthing that challenges oil and have the money to crush anything that threatens their copious stream of dough.

    They were pretty bad to begin with but, at this point, they deny facts and ruin wonderful technologies.
    All we can hope for is that the old generation will die off soon

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