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  • GM compensation not even close to fair.

    The GM compensation settlement is not even close to fair. The investigation has shown that GM has known, and failed to act upon the issues of their vehicles. This should be treated much more severely, wtih those responsible being punished more and those who were victimized being compensated even more.

  • The settlement is not fair

    The settlement doesn't take into account responsibility for GM for knowingly causing deaths. Had an individual killed that many people they would have received life in prison or the death penalty; however, because it was a corporation (which is also classified as a person) the penalty was only monetary and individuals associated with the issue fired.
    Corporations are now treated as individuals on many other issues and should be treated the same way for issues such as these. Individuals knew of the defects and made the decision to continue to manufacture vehicles without issuing a recall or disclaimer. This was not fair to the buyer's of the vehicles who believed they were purchasing a safe product. The settlement needs to be more strict.

  • No, it is not.

    No matter how much money they pay or what they do to try and make amends nothing will make up for the loss of life, and the cover up that continued for way too many years. Not to mention the risks that still plague consumers today by having their cars be recalled. Nothing will bring these family members back.

  • The GM compesation is not fair

    I understand that the GM compensation is for only the specific car problems that people had which killed or injured them. The ignition switch problem that GM cars had is the where the compensation is being directed to. However, they are not being fair entirely because other people died in GM cars later that year, but they are not receiving anything because the compensation is specific to a car problem.

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