• Change ahead

    The GOP was full of bad dudes who just wanted to keep their jobs. Now this has changed. This is due to the fact that a large amount of GOPers want Latino votes to occur. This will be good for the party, so better immigration laws are now being passed.

  • The GOP will change

    The Republican party will HAVE to change as more and more of their constituents voice their fears (and ultimately their votes) about the direction the party has taken. The GOP is weaker than I ever remember it and many voters simply cannot relate to their ultra-conservative policies, from young voters to minorities and women. These are the groups that will determine the future role of the GOP.

  • No, it will stand for its beliefs

    The GOP will continue to stand solid on its beliefs of lower taxes and economic freedoms. They do not have to change towards the way America is trending, because after this second atrocious Obama term we are about to witness, the country will trend conservative, similar to how it did after Carter's horrible tenure in office.

  • No to "about to"

    It's certainly coming as the wave of younger elected Republicans are getting more vocal in what a ridiculous hate machine the party as a whole has turned into, but we're not close to seeing a substantial change. There is still too much of a monstrous presence from older generations of elected Republicans that are going to go down swinging, clutching their outdated views the whole way.

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