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  • No, the GOP does not seem to want a resolution

    Boehner and the republican party have spent years shutting Obama down, and now that anything is being accomplished, they are making it look as if there is too much compromise. When they were winning victory after victory, nothing was being accomplished, and they have shown that that does not matter, so long as they appear strong. They need to allow those willing to act to start making decisions, but this will probably never happen.

  • Is Obama compromising enough with the GOP?

    Really, now. Which side is to blame here? Which side isn't compromising? The real answer: Both. Obama is a president, not a dictator. By the design of the checks and balances system in the Constitution, the president needs to work with Congress to accomplish what needs to be done. That isn't happening. Obama isn't backing down. The GOP isn't either. BOTH sides need to learn to compromise better. Singling out the GOP just because the media makes them into a joke (when the liberals are even worse given how they're throwing taxpayer money everywhere) is just stupid. It's obvious they're not compromising because of the fiscal cliff debate and the rich being taxed. But it's also obvious Obama isn't compromising because he thinks of himself as a dictator. I don't know which side is worse, but plain and simple: There's too much fighting and not enough compromising. I really need to work on my novel, don't I?

  • No, the GOP is folding to the inevitability of compromise.

    I think the GOP has been forced into a situation of looking like the bad guys in this situation where almost everyone is saying the debt ceiling must be raised at least temporarily. It is only sensible to agree to that because there is time in the future to determine further policies on spending but the debt ceiling situation is pressing. I don't believe for a minute that the GOP has decided to be more compromising in the long run, they are simply putting their wagons in a circle right now and preparing for a battle on another day.

  • NO

    Not at all. The GOP is only concerned about their paychecks, and are willing to keep arguing about the same thing without getting anywhere if thats what it takes to keep them in their luxury homes. Enough is enough and the GOP needs to know when to give up their invalid argument for the sake of the country.

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