• Alienating their bases

    Simply the demographics of the whole country is ever changing to consider themselves as a true party. Furthermore, their base that helped them become successful (Caucasian votes) are becoming more faded then ever before. Some say that in order to succeed in the election cycle in every given year, they have to appeal to other ethnic groups such as Hispanics, Asian-Americans and more importantly, African Americans on what they stand for as a party and what policies are in store for those groups. Their current policies are undoing their efforts to achieve that goal and if that continue would be the reason the GOP will die off from the political spectrum.

  • Yes.

    The GOP has been dying for a long while now, and it is largely because it refuses to see the very fact that it is dying. Its policies remain archaic, their ideas even more so. The GOP as an entity is all but dead at this point, and nothing short of an extreme change will change that.

  • Yes the death has already begun

    As time has worn on the members of the GOP have increasingly been fighting with each other more than they are with any other party. In addition, many GOP members have begun to distance themselves from the party or even change party affiliation. This only goes to should that if the GOP cannot turn things around that it will die.

  • Yup!

    The GOP is dying for sure. There will always be staunch Republicans looking to maintain what they consider a "traditional America," but their effectiveness will eventually decline. Changes beyond America's control are forcing this country to consider new ideas and if the GOP can't find a compromise, then they will die off.

  • The GOP is dying because the Liberty Movement is thriving

    How can the GOP be the party of "limited government" when it opposes marijuana legalization (a freaking plant), supports NDAA/Patriot Act/et al, supports drone strikes on American citizens, creates Department of Homeland Security, Medicare part D, and farm subsidies to Big Agra???? They have no credibility and have sold out to international banking cartels.

  • Yes it is dying.

    We can already observe the splintering of the party in several ways. The Tea Party and radical conservatives like Limbaugh are fighting against a newly-forming Centrist Republican party. In a time when social progress is arguably occurring faster than ever before in human history, ignorance is beginning to become "unattractive". When I heard Bill O' moving central about gay rights, I couldn't believe my ears. While the talking heads make for good weather-markers, the fact remains that Republicans purposely brought in the Evangelists. It was a strategic decision upon their part. Without the White Evangelist vote, the GOP simply does not have the numbers to compete. There likely will be no huge power vacuum, and we will likely see the rise of independents and a multi-party system, similar to many European countries.

  • The GOP Is Dying From Self Inflicted Wounds

    The Republican Party is indeed dying from self-inflicted wounds. For the past four elections, the party has branded itself as the party of rich white people. America is much more than rich white people, and the party doesn't understand that how unpalatable that has become to the American voting public.

    Posted by: rpr
  • The GOP represents PAC's and Special interests well, But not Average Americans

    One Example: The GOP fiscal policies are not sustainable. This party gave a 1. 5 trillion dollar tax cut, 60 percent of which went to the top 1 percent. This shows that the GOP doesn't represent average Americans properly.

    America spends 17. 9 percent of its GDP (sources: Fortune and cms. Gov) on healthcare, But much of this money is simply
    wasted because healthcare costs are inflated. Many people
    don't even know how much their care costs.
    Even with 17. 9 percent of GDP being spent on healthcare, Not everyone is covered and many people that have insurance
    cannot afford medication costs.

    Why? Any drug company can inflate the cost of a drug
    10, 000 percent - perfectly legal and there is nothing anyone
    can do about it. This is one example of the GOP policies
    that don't represent the interests of average Americans.

    Other examples of corruption: The GOP advocated for repeal
    of the Glass-Steagall act of the 1930's that separated
    commercial and investment banks, Around 2000, And advocated
    for commodities deregulation through the Commodities
    and Futures Modernization act of 2000.

    The GOP represents PAC's and special interests very well - but
    the American people are secondary in this party. The Citizens
    United Supreme court decision is an excellent example of this.

    Who are all of the groups in "small print" printed at the
    end of political ads? What is "Americans for Freedom"?

  • Yes. The GOP has made practically no effort in recent years to woo new voters.

    Most GOP election efforts have been targeted towards older white rural Americans, with a strong slant towards males at that. With little outreach to growing demographics like minorities, women, Latinos, and the young, they imperil their future relevance each year. In the last 7 elections the GOP has won the popular vote exactly once (George W's reelection). If that's not a bad sign, I don't know what is.

  • Yes its dying

    It will either die or evolve. Civilization has become more cooperative aka democratic in a linear fashion over hundreds of thousands of years. Thinking that it won't continue to move in that direction is so ignorant of the bigger picture. Especially since the opposing party is grounded on concepts that hold no scientific water. Almost all university professors from good colleges specializing in politics or economics think the GOP is grossly unscientific, everything that comes out of GOP politicians' mouth has no empirical basis. It's just rich people wanting to perpetuate their wealth and using things like religious affiliation or xenophobic fears to convince poor people to come along for the ride

  • This is just liberal misinformation.

    Liberals are misinformed about the economy and generally think with emotions instead of actual facts. They defend Obama without question but when you ask them specifics about what good he has done, all they can say "well, he is done good I know that..." It is quite pathetic, and this is coming from a teenager, that my generation is so stupid that we allow ourselves to be misinformed about politicians on both sides. And also, Liberals believe that they are against big business. This is a blatant lie. Who do you think gave Obama, Project Blue, and a bunch of other liberals/liberal organizations money? They didn't raise 300 millions from average citizens, they got it from Wall Street and big companies. It is quite pathetic listening to how people believe that Liberals have their best interests at heart when they keep raising the taxes on the poor and middle class and keep making the working poor pay outrageous yearly labor union fees. The working poor would have more money if we just disbanded labor unions, and set up a department in the government specifically for making sure workers are treated fairly. Because all these labor unions are, are businesses now. They used to be noble, but not any more. Personally, I dislike how liberals believe that conservatives in the media are the only biased people and outnumber the liberals in terms of how much bias they spit out. The fact of the matter is, Hannity is far from being as biased as MSNBC. Perhaps FNC just gets many more people watching it, not surprising as the majority of the country is conservative on many/most issues, whether they want to admit it or not. In terms of the miniorities, yes we do need to reach out to them. But the only reason Democrats, or at least the ones on Capital Hill, is to gain more voters.

  • No. The GOP is far from dying.

    Not in the south! Unless you live in New York or California, the GOP is here to stay. Theres more to America than New York and California. Get out of those big cities and see the real America. A larger proportion of the younger generation is pro life and pro gun compared to everyone else. Republicans are strong in those areas.

  • No, it will take years for the GOP to die.

    The Republicans have to figure out how to win again, like how to reach out to minorities like Women, Youth, etc. They are doing well in the south but they need to do more good in the north and without the Republicans the Democratic Party will also die and fail.

  • The party won't die, but the ideology will change.

    The GOP won't die -as long as they join the 21st century. Eventually the GOP will have to accept the fact that gay marriage and abortion are here to stay, they're not going anywhere (but neither is the second amendment). They may even become even more popular with other social/domestic issues, such as border security, terrorism, and smaller government. As time goes on, and people learn to accept each other, the rupublicans will start to change their stance on gay marriage and abortion, THE SAME WAY DEMOCRATS ABANDONED THEIR SUPPORT FOR SLAERY AND SEGREGATION

    In terms of economy, look, capitalism will never be seperated from America. It's just part of our culture. No matter what the concensus is on social issues, there will always be a VERY LARGE percentage of people who support the republican's way of handling the economy.
    If you want evidence, just look at the libertarian party. They are completely freee market, laissez faire, and they are surging in support. Don't be surprised if they become a major player in the elections to come.

    The GOP isn't dead, they just need a facelift.

  • No but yes

    GOP doesn't appeal to women, latinos, minorities, and most important young people. It was funny how fox news reacted to Obamas re-election. In my opinion if they don't win in 2016 its all over for them. THey'll have to change ideas to fit Americas new ideas and so on l.

  • It is not dying at least not yet.

    How easy Americans forget what is going on. The 2014 midterms success was due to Republicans showing their disgust with politics as usual from the incompetent power hungry congress! The party as a chance to survive but it probably won't in the future because they attack the very people who support and hope for the a change in the Republican party and to conservative held policies. And as a side note its amazing how 50% or more Americans now give Obama a better job rating because of the low gas prices. Obama has nothing to do with gas prices and that's how ignorant Americans are about the facts of anything at least that 50% of them. We won't survive as a nation if that 50% of stupids don't get their heads out of the sand!!

  • My Honest Opinion

    Well in certain areas it is definitely dying out, in the more liberal areas at least. But there are still plenty of conservative teenagers and young adults in areas like the south and other rural areas like where I live. Plus even if it isn't major party anymore, it'll probably still exist as a 3rd party.

  • GOP Dying? NO!

    The GOP is far, far away from dying. All one needs to do is look at the numbers to see the opposite is exactly true. The GOP is thriving more than it has since the early 1990's. In 5 years since Obama was elected the Republicans have gained 3 Senate seats, 58 House seats, 9 governorships, and 7 state legislatures, in all they have gained 680 members of State Chambers. The 2012 election the status quo was maintained in the Senate, the House, and the White House. Looking at this data we can see that, although Americans like President Obama, they are not fond of Democrats. The opposite posited in the question is true, especially in light of the ACA fiasco, people are tired of the negative tone and divisive politics the Democrats bring to the table. In light of all this evidence it is impossible to say that the GOP is dying.

  • Is the GOP Dead?" Headline of a newspaper in 1964.

    The Republicans will suffer a change. Hispanics are coming in and having the most children. Most are willing to learn English and most are willing to work hard, and some are insulted by being offered welfare. Most are poor and have little education, which the media assumes means Democrat, but Hispanics are not culturally liberal. Hispanics are usually catholic and lean to catholic values. Most are pro-life, and are tradition in Hispanic nation has the woman's place at the home, which many are. When asked about social issues, many Hispanics are conservative, and are moderate on economic issues. The Republicans could ,if they tried, switch the Hispanic vote. But Donald Trump won because white moderates switched this time. Abeam pushed an agenda a little too far to the left and many did not trust Clinton. Moderates grew angry and turned too Trump because he was saying "ECONOMIC" statements everyone thought. Trump did not win because of his build a wall speech. He won because he wants to build back blue collar jobs. If he was to succeed, Hispanics will fill the gap between whites mostly in white collar jobs, and the growth in blue collar. If the Republicans begin to accept Hispanics, get rid of the illegals, and open up the opportunity to Hispanics, the Republicans could see votes and power like they did in the late 1800's early 1900's and 1920's and 80's. What the true question should be is "Can the Democrats remain so liberal in an increasingly growing conservative population?"

  • Republicans Will Last.

    The Republicans will last. The official party may split up, like the Whigs once did but conservatives will never die. The Republicans will have to change, as younger people take over the party, and with younger people small changes are made. Hispanics however are deeply religious, and if accepted will join the Republican Party. The Republican base is dying, and old ideas die with that generation, and by 2065 whites will no longer be 70% of the population. But Hispanics lean very much right, most are pro-life, anti gay rights, and not supporting of a rise in the welfare system. Hispanics culturally are hard working and religious. The next few elections will change the Republicans, and they will have a minor split, but by 2032, we could see Hispanics and whites ruling the GOP and the Democrats dying.

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