• Who really cares?

    The GOP exploits homophobia among less-educated and poorly-informed Americans, which is the real problem. Just as the drug dealer is worse than the junkie, I blame those who enable homophobia for political gain more than the homophobes themselves, who are usually just the captives of their own ignorance, truth be told.

  • In general, yes.

    Because the party has a strong set of so-called cultural conservatives, including many evangelical Christians who hold anti-gay beliefs, those sentiments are reflected in the party's platform. There are of course gay conservatives and GOP members who are supportive of gay rights at various levels, but the overall mood of the party is still fairly homophobic compared to the overall mood of the Democrats. Perhaps in time this will change.

  • Not entirely, but there is a large amount of homophobia.

    Not every Republican is homophobic, but there is a large amount of opposition to gay rights. Until the GOP officially recognizes gay marriage, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it, then I will view them this way. Homosexuals should be given equal treatment under the law, and the GOP doesn't quite see it that way.

  • Yes, they oppress the gay population.

    If the Grand Old Party was not homophobic, then there would not be a debate surrounding the gay marriage or gay rights. The GOP has made a point of opposing gay rights and keeping the gay population classified as second class citizens. The GOP's close association with religious organization and groups make it very homophobic.

  • No, phobias are held by individuals, not groups.

    No, the GOP is not homophobic. A phobia is held or maintained by an individual, not a group. There may be many members of the GOP that are homophobic, but this does not mean that the entire group is homophobic. This is as senseless as arguing that since the majority of students in a classroom (51%) are white-skinned, that the class must therefore be racist. Doesn’t really make sense. Are all white-skinned people racist anyway? See my point?

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