• The Grand Ol' Party isn't so grand

    I so agree with others. The GOP has certainly become the standard for "Lets not agree, not even to disagree". We have been seeing this since they took control of the house and the senate in 2000 with Gorge Bush hailing the way. It is seriously one of the worst times in our current history that this very issue is the backbone of our national issues.

  • Yes. Without question the GOP is intolerant.

    I believe that the GOP has taken a "my way or the highway" approach that has made it more difficult for Congress to work. Doing legislative work means coming together, and the members of the GOP seem more intent on pushing their agenda. The problem is that they are power hungry as opposed to policy driven.

  • As much as ever

    The GOP over the past 4 years has transitioned from "almost certainly not going to listen to the other side" to "there is literally no chance." Their hardcore base is all that remains, they can't bring in swing voters to save their lives because they've proven time and time again that they care more about "winning" than benefiting the country in every situation.

  • No. Without question.

    Many Republicans are opposed to gay marriage, abortion, immigration and the like for the belief in a uni-cultural society adhering to tradition. These individuals have decreasing power over the party and do not represent the Republican base as a whole. Even those who do advocate for a traditionalist uni-culture are certainly tolerant of others however simply wish the traditional values the nation was founded on be sustained that's all.

  • The Democrats are hypocritically intolerant.

    The GOP believes in the pursuit of happiness, not the the right to happiness. It is more compassionate to "teach" the less fortunate to fish rather than to "give" them a fish like a democrat. Democrats pretend to care for the minorities and less fortunate and use them as a shield to hold up to the GOP trying to milk a guilt trip out of them. If the less fortunate were to no longer "need" the democrats help, they would be out of business so they try to bully any one by playing the race card or anything else that is laced with emotion rather than facts. Once a person gets on their feet, they start to develop self esteem, something the democrats rob them of by ensuring they stay dependent on their give aways and demonizing the GOP as uncaring and intolerant.

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