Is the GOP pushing America over the fiscal cliff?

  • Yes, The GOP is Pushing America Over the Cliff

    The only agenda that the GOP has had over the past few years is to make sure that their sponsors keep all the money and resources for themselves. This is evident in how programs for the elderly and youth have been opposed. It is also clear in how the GOP tried to suppress the vote of as many people of color as they could. The GOP is using the fiscal cliff crisis to appeal to an extreme group who wants to continue to marginalize the masses. The GOP wants the government to lose so that it can privatize all services and resources so that the complete redistribution of wealth to the one percent is achieved.

  • Yes, I believe they are

    Members of the GOP have stated that one of their primary missions is to see President Obama fail. Throughout the past several years, many GOP members have been unwilling to negotiate and have repeatedly stated that they will not do so. By making harsh demands, such as absolutely no tax increases, they made it extremely difficult to find common ground between Republicans and Democrats. Without any effort to meet in the middle, the GOP has caused stalemates in the fiscal cliff negotiations

  • No.

    I do not think it is accurate to say the GOP is pushing America over the fiscal cliff. In a democracy it is necessary that common ground be found on all the tough issues, this being one of them. Many are quick to point the finger at one another, when they would be better off working at the solution rather than the problem.

  • But they should have

    No the GOP agreed to Obama's terms they protected a few more taxpayers but did not receive any spending cuts. It is official both parties are out to destroy the country as long as they get reelected. It is time for a third party one that knows how America got where it is and how it needs to behave to stay there.

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