• Yes they are.

    I think that it is a very accurate statement to say that the Grand Old Party is far to dependent on strong leaders, as it does not spend nearly enough effort or energy on listening to their constituents or to the less powerful members of their political party, and that's too bad.

  • They are right now

    They're looking for one person to bail them out regarding the country being against them more than ever before. Yet, the most plausible option they reject because he's not like them enough (Christie.) The party is a mess and while it wants the country to like it more it's unwilling to make the changes for that to happen, they're waiting for a savior but as the saying goes there are certain chicken related things you can't make chicken salad out of.

  • No, if anything, the GOP is lacking leadership.

    It has been seen recently over the past couple of elections that the GOP is in serious trouble in regards to what the future of their party will be. The fact that Virginia and North Carolina are now considered swing states shows that the public is trending away from the GOP. The GOP needs strong leadership at this point to take control of the party in order to win future elections.

  • No, They Have No Leaders At All

    The Speaker of The House cannot even control his own party. The Senate Minority Leader cannot control his caucus. The problem with the republicans right now is there are a bunch of hardliners that will not compromise on anything. None of their leaders have been able to control them or bring them in line.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Everyone wants a strong leader.

    Human beings are always looking for strong leaders to help direct and control our direction. We don't want someone to take charge of every aspect, but when we choose to follow, we want someone that is able to stand up and take charge. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this is true.

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