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  • The government accountability office is not doing its job

    It is obvious based on the recent performance of the government that the accountability office has not been doing its job well. In fact, it is not even clear that this office has been doing its job at all. Corruption and petty influence are visible in every aspect of government today.

  • Accountability in name only

    There is no accountability in our government. The NSA, CIA, FBI, and every other ABC organization you want to name completely ignores the Constitution. Even the Executive branch now elects what laws they will and will not enforce. Our senators magically get rich while in office despite the position not paying that much money. Corporations are free to hand out millions and millions of dollars in bribes. The GAO's role is supposed to be auditing and evaluating the performance of the government as it relates to the Constitutional laws of the country. They are absolutely failing at holding anyone accountable for their actions that are wasteful, greedy, or completely illegal.

  • They just make reports.

    No, the Government Accountability Office is not doing its job, because they do not present information in ways that people can understand. The GAO can type up a fancy report and give it to some Congressman. But that is not informing the American people about what their government is doing in a way that they can understand.

  • That's A Big No

    We have a Government Accountability Office? Really! Wow, I just learned something today, but after looking it up it would appear to be an office meant solely for pushing paper around. I personally think more could be done in that office to actually help the government, especially with the amount of problems we are having.

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